EIO: The Acolyte

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EIO: The Acolyte
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"EIO: The Acolyte" is a story arc in the Elsewhere in Odyssey Comic Series.


Odyssey residents become unnerved by mysterious radio disruptions. Meanwhile, Glossman, coerced by an ominous figure, infiltrates Whit's End with a sinister agenda, leading to a time-bending adventure intertwining past and present. With Glossman's schemes unfolding and the Imagination Station compromised by a rogue device, Odyssey's fate hangs precariously in the balance, as familiar faces and dark forces converge.

This story ties up some loose plot threads from the NovaCom Saga, such as what happened to all the Novaboxes after Novacom collapsed, and exactly how much of the general public outside of Odyssey was aware of Novacom's actions.

It also provides a look behind the curtain of what Blackgaard was up to between the events of Waylaid in the Windy City and Album 25: Darkness Before Dawn.

Main Characters

John Avery Whittaker
Connie Kendall
Eugene Meltsner
Renee Carter
Jason Whittaker
Philip Glossman
Richard Maxwell
Nicholas Adamsworth
Ricky Chang


Regis Blackgaard
Jenny Whittaker
Tom Riley
Jimmy Barclay
Isaac Morton
Rusty Gordon

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Individual Comic Strips

Comic Strip No. Writer Artist(s) Release Date
25 Evan David Brian Dawson ???
A mysterious figure flags down a car, gasses the drive, steals his badge and car, and drives into Odyssey.
26 Evan David Brian Dawson 1/2/23
Eugene and Jason notice strange static on the radio, as do many other people in town.
27 Evan David Brian Dawson 1/9/23
Glossman, compelled by an ominous figure, reluctantly prepares to carry out a task outside Whit's End. Connie and Ricky eagerly set off on an Imagination Station adventure, leaving Whit and Renee to prepare for a visit from the city inspector. Jason reaches out to Whit for assistance over the phone, hinting at potential trouble.
28 Evan David Brian Dawson 1/16/23
Whit receives a mysterious call from Jason, prompting him to rush to the antique shop where he finds Jason and Eugene unaware of any call being made. Meanwhile, Glossman, disguised as the city inspector, arrives at Whit's End, setting a foreboding tone for what's to come.
29 Evan David Brian Dawson 1/23/23
Glossman, disguised as the city inspector, gains access to Whit's End and heads upstairs, his true intentions becoming increasingly ominous. Meanwhile, Whit, Jason, and Eugene rush back to Whit's End. Glossman, feeling pressured by an unknown figure, reluctantly prepares to carry out a sinister plan involving the Imagination Station.
30 Evan David Brian Dawson 1/30/23
In the midst of Connie and Ricky's Imagination Station adventure in Jamestown Virginia, Glossman infiltrates the program through a hidden backdoor, causing chaos and disarray. Meanwhile, back at Whit's End, Whit, Eugene, Jason, and Renee are caught off guard by the unexpected events unfolding. As Glossman activates a mysterious protocol, Connie, Ricky, and Glossman find themselves hurtling through time and space, facing an uncertain fate.
31 Evan David Brian Dawson 2/6/23
Whit and the gang rush to the Bible Room at Whit's End after learning of an unexpected guest in the Imagination Station. Eugene discovers three participants in the adventure and realizes someone has tampered with the controls. Meanwhile, Connie and Ricky find themselves transported to a different time in Odyssey, sparking confusion and concern as they realize they're standing in front of the Fillmore Recreation Center before it became Whit's End.
32 Evan David Brian Dawson 2/13/23
Glossman struggles with the time interface device, frustrated by overshooting his destination and unable to make another jump. Meanwhile, Connie and Ricky find themselves in the past, encountering Jenny Whittaker and learning about her plans to save the Fillmore Recreation Center. As Glossman prepares for another attempt, the stage is set for further time-traveling adventures and unexpected encounters.
33 Evan David Brian Dawson 2/20/23
Connie and Ricky find themselves at Odyssey Town Hall in the past, where they unexpectedly encounter Tom Riley. Connie is emotional, having missed him. As Tom leads them to a city council meeting, Glossman, disoriented from time travel, encounters Regis Blackgaard, his ominous former master, setting the stage for a tense reunion.
34 Evan David Brian Dawson 2/27/23
Eugene discovers that Glossman's flash drive is feeding data from a Novabox into the Imagination Station, causing panic among Whit and Jason. They devise a plan for Jason to locate and destroy the NovaBox while equipped with walkie talkies for communication. Meanwhile, in the past, Glossman confronts Regis Blackgaard, only to face his wrath and intimidation, prompting Glossman to flee through time once more.
35 Evan David Brian Dawson 3/6/23
Glossman finally arrives at Whit's End in the past, again using his disguise as a city inspector, with nefarious intentions. Meanwhile, in the present, Eugene, Renee, and Whit uncover the truth about the NovaBox and its connection to the Imagination Station, only to be surprised by the unexpected arrival of Richard Maxwell, revealing his involvement in the unfolding events.
36 Evan David Brian Dawson 3/13/23
Richard Maxwell returns unexpectedly, claiming to be on the side of good claiming to be an agent of the CIA dismantling Blackgaard's crime network. He explains that an entity known as "The Acolyte" is continuing Blackgaard's work and aims to recreate the Applesauce program. Whit realizes that the NovaBox is accessing his memories to replicate the program, prompting urgent action to block the transmission and prevent the Acolyte from obtaining it.
37 Evan David Brian Dawson 3/20/23
Connie and Ricky find themselves inside Whit's End in the past, specifically on the day of the Applesauce incident. Connie realizes the significance of the day and rushes to prevent her past mistake. As they search for Eugene, they stumble upon Glossman attempting to access the Applesauce program, with Eugene unconscious on the floor. Connie is shocked and demands answers from Glossman.
38 Evan David Brian Dawson 3/27/23
Connie confronts Glossman, who reveals that he's trapped in the Imagination Station with them and threatens her to stay back. Glossman explains that he's trying to buy his freedom by resurecting the Applesauce program. Connie rushes Glossman, but it's too late. Glossman activates Applesauce. In the real world, the Imagination Station opens, and everyone reacts. Eugene and Renee check on Connie and Ricky, while Richard and Whit restrain Glossman. Glossman warns Whit that he won't go back to jail and realizes Richard's presence. Renee checks on Connie and Ricky, who seem shaken but alright.
39 Evan David Brian Dawson 4/3/23
Glossman's attempts to reveal the Acolyte's threat to the police are dismissed as he's taken into custody, leaving him hysterical. Meanwhile, Whit confronts Richard about his true motives, leading to a revelation. As the Acolyte activates the Applesauce program, he demonstrates its power by diverting billions of dollars, setting the stage for his next sinister move.
40 Evan David Brian Dawson 4/10/23
Richard reveals his vigilante efforts against Blackgaard's organization to Whit, who remains skeptical of Richard's trustworthiness, but proposes using a new version of MABEL to locate the Acolyte. With MABEL's analysis, they discover the Acolyte's location at the Skyline Motel. As they prepare to confront him, Connie insists on joining the mission, driven by personal connections to the motel. They set off together to confront the Acolyte and put an end to his schemes.
41 Evan David Brian Dawson 4/17/23
Connie speeds through downtown Odyssey, hindered by the Acolyte's manipulated traffic lights. Whit coordinates with Eugene and Renee to counter the hacking. Richard realizes the danger of the situation when he learns that the Acolyte is using Applesauce and can hear their conversation. Connie's revelation that Richard was present at each time jump raises suspicions that the Acolyte may be targeting him specifically.
42 Evan David Brian Dawson 4/24/23
Arriving at the Skyline Motel, Connie and Richard confront the Acolyte, only to discover that he's a hologram. As Connie attempts to confront him, they realize too late that it's a trap, narrowly escaping the explosion of a bomb planted in the motel room.
43 Evan David Brian Dawson 5/1/23
Whit, Connie, and Richard confront the Acolyte at his hidden command center, where he reveals his identity as Nicholas Adamsworth!
44 Evan David Brian Dawson 5/8/23
Nicholas Adamsworth reveals himself as the mastermind behind the Acolyte's operations, using Applesauce to wield immense power. Despite Whit's objections, Nicholas justifies his actions as a means to right the world's wrongs. With a powerful electric taser drawn, tensions rise as Nicholas asserts his newfound authority and control, challenging Whit's moral stance.
45 Evan David Brian Dawson 5/15/23
Jason discovers the hidden Novabox hardware on the Odyssey 105 radio tower while investigating at the station. Meanwhile, Nicholas reveals his motivation for his actions, linking them to his troubled past and his desire to honor his “father's” memory. This confuses the group, who were all under the impression that Nicholas was an orphan. Through flashbacks, Nicholas recounts his determination to seize control of his destiny after facing disappointment and uncertainty.
46 Evan David Brian Dawson 5/22/23
As a flashback to his 7th-grade year, Nicholas is depicted as a cunning and ambitious student, determined to assert his dominance within his environment. Using his technological prowess, he manipulates digital records to cause trouble for others, showcasing his early tendencies toward manipulation and power-seeking. However, Nicholas's life takes a turn when a lightning strike destroys his computer and lands him in juvenile hall. Despite his isolation, he attracts the attention of Regis Blackgaard, who recognizes his potential and offers him a way out. Regis becomes a mentor and father figure to Nicholas, providing him with guidance, support, and a sense of belonging. (Though this is really all a deception to manipulate Nicholas into working for him.) Under Regis's influence, Nicholas becomes deeply entrenched in Blackgaard's operations, introduced to other key figures like Glossman, Bart Rathbone, and Professor Bovril. Nicholas finds purpose and identity within this new family dynamic, embracing his role in furthering Blackgaard's plans to reshape the world to their liking.
47 Evan David Brian Dawson 5/29/23
In a flashback, Regis entrusts Nicholas with overseeing their global interests, cementing their "father-son" bond before departing on a mission. However, Nicholas's world is shattered when he learns of Regis's demise and the subsequent collapse of their operations in Odyssey. Driven by anger, sadness, and a sense of duty to his father's legacy, Nicholas adopts the persona of the Acolyte, determined to continue Blackgaard's work. He becomes a shadowy figure, donning an enigmatic facemask and orchestrating schemes to further their goals of reshaping the world. However, as their operations face setbacks and sabotage, Nicholas discovers that a single individual, Richard Maxwell, is responsible for dismantling Blackgaard's remaining criminal cells.
48 Evan David Brian Dawson 6/5/23
Back in the present, Nicholas, fueled by revenge and a desire to fulfill his "father's" legacy, faces off against Richard and Whit, ready to unleash Applesauce's power to change the world. Whit, expressing genuine sorrow for Nicholas' circumstances, tries to reach out to him, but Nicholas is resolute in his mission. As Nicholas prepares to enact his plan, Whit calls for Eugene to intervene, setting the stage for a dramatic confrontation between the forces of good and the misguided ambitions of Nicholas.
49 Evan David Brian Dawson 6/12/23
As Eugene and Jason initiate their plan from Whit's End, Nicholas finds himself facing the consequences of his actions. Eugene activates the Imagination Station, while Jason operates the Novabox, causing Nicholas' computer to crash and explode. In the chaos, Richard seizes the opportunity to apprehend Nicholas, who is overpowered and held by Whit and Richard as Connie is tasked with calling the authorities, signaling the end of Nicholas' dangerous scheme.
50 Evan David Brian Dawson 6/19/23
As Nicholas is taken away by the police, a sense of foreboding hangs over the scene, hinting at the emergence of a new Blackgaard. Meanwhile, Connie and Whit discuss the events, with Whit explaining the intricacies of their plan to overload Nicholas' computer. While Connie expresses relief that the plan worked, Whit realizes that they still need to locate Nicholas' flash drive containing Applesauce, prompting them to wonder about Richard's whereabouts, signaling that there might be more to resolve before the ordeal is truly over.
51 Evan David Brian Dawson 6/26/23
In a moment of internal conflict, Richard wrestles with the temptation to use Nicholas' flash drive for his own purposes. Mr. Whittaker's unexpected appearance prompts Richard to confront his moral dilemma, weighing the potential for good against the allure of personal gain. Ultimately, Richard chooses to relinquish the flash drive, resisting the temptation to misuse its power.
52 Evan David Brian Dawson 7/3/23
In a heartwarming conclusion, Richard makes the difficult decision to relinquish the flash drive, citing his weariness of always doing the wrong thing. Whit expresses his pride in Richard's choice, fostering a newfound sense of trust between them. With the NovaBox threat neutralized and loose ends tied up, Whit invites Richard to stay in Odyssey, offering him a sense of belonging and a chance to rest after years on the move. In a hopeful ending, Richard agrees to stick around, signaling a potential new chapter for both him and the town of Odyssey.
November 2023 Evan David Kyrié Jenny ???
On Thanksgiving, Whit invites Richard Maxwell to his house for the holiday meal. Jason, Connie, and Whit's foster kids, Morrie and Suzu, are also present for the festivities. Richard feels out of place due to his tumultuous past. As they eat, Richard reflects on his history of evading danger, realizing he's unfamiliar with the peace of holiday gatherings. Despite his hesitations, Whit reassures him of a new chapter of rest and companionship.

NOTE: This comic strip was actually a stand-alone strip, but functions as an epilogue to the Acolyte arc.