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Peter Bourland
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Peter Bourland is a special agent for the FBI. After the investigation and fall of Novacom, he recruited Robert Mitchell to join the FBI. He lives in Washington, D.C. with his wife and daughter, Michaela.


His wife is Janelle Bourland and his daughter is Michaela Bourland.


His last name, Bourland, is most likely a reference to Jason Bourne


Peter Bourland: Mr. Whittaker, Robert Mitchell... is dead.

#485: “Plan B, Part 2: Collision Course”

Peter Bourland: Okay, boys, let's roll up our sleeves and get to work. Jason, Mitch--care to help, or did you just come along to gloat?
Jason Whittaker: Both, actually.
Robert Mitchell: I wouldn’t miss this for the world!

#498: “Exactly as Planned”

Robert Mitchell: The man isn't exactly lucid these days.
Peter Bourland: Making him a slightly less reliable source than Mr. Potato Head.
Robert Mitchell: If Mr. Potato Head had information right now, I'd take it.

#496: “Exceptional Circumstances”

Jason Whittaker: My dad just found out that the tower was a decoy.
Peter Bourland: What?
Jason Whittaker: Yeah, the wires weren't hooked up to anything.
Peter Bourland: Good grief--but that means--
Jason Whittaker: That means we haven't stopped Novacom yet. The launch date can still happen!

#498: “Exactly as Planned”

Peter Bourland: Think about it, Mr. Whittaker. Why do you think there's been so much activity around you? Modems, bugs, cameras in your office...
John Whittaker: I don't know anything about it. Why are they after me?
Peter Bourland: That's what I'm trying to find out.

#487: “Plan B, Part 4: Resistance”


Peter Bourland is voiced by Keith Silverstein, has appeared in 13 episodes.

Peter Bourland has been mentioned in 4 episodes.

Peter Bourland has appeared in 1 comic story arc(s).