EIO: Single Comic Strips - 2022

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EIO: Single Comic Strips - 2022
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Elsewhere in Odyssey single comic strips are comics not attached to any particular story arc, and are released for free on social media instead of requiring a club membership. These were the single comic strips released in 2022.


Connie Kendall
Eugene Meltsner
Jason Whittaker
Wooton Bassett
Olivia Parker
Zoe Grant
Jay Smouse
Barrett Jones
Rodney Rathbone
Suzu Rydell
Katrina Meltsner
Buck Meltsner
Jules Kendall
Bill Kendall
Emily Jones
Matthew Parker

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Pictures from EIO: Single Comic Strips - 2022

Individual Comic Strips

Comic Strip No. Writer Artist(s) Release Date
1 Evan David Brian Dawson 7/12/22
A recreation of Whit's classic greeting from early Adventures in Odyssey episodes.
July 2022 Evan David Brian Dawson 7/12/22
It's the 4th of July at Whit's End, and Jason Whittaker is grilling burgers while wearing an American flag-themed apron. Wooton, ever the eccentric, inquires about a bizarre burger concoction involving bologna, pickles, mozzarella, and an orange juice drizzle, leaving Jason bewildered. Despite Wooton's nostalgia for his accidental creation, Jason firmly sticks to traditional grilling.
July 2022 - Bonus Evan David Brian Dawson 7/12/22
On a scorching summer day, Connie, Whit, and Eugene struggle with the oppressive heat at Whit's End. With no customers willing to brave the sweltering weather, Whit devises a plan to beat the heat by setting up lawn chairs inside the industrial-sized freezer, where they enjoy cool smoothies. Eugene humorously declares Whit's idea worthy of the "Genius Club," providing a refreshing and lighthearted solution to their dilemma.
August 2022 Evan David Brian Dawson 8/1/22
Olivia, Zoe, and Jay nervously eye the towering "Doom Flume" water slide at the Waterworld. Jay mocks the girls' fear, only to be comically shoved down the slide by Barrett, courtesy of Rodney's antics, resulting in a hilarious, panic-stricken descent. At the bottom, Jay's frozen expression and standing hair become a source of amusement, embodying the proverb, "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall."
September 2022 Evan David Brian Dawson 9/5/22
Suzu, living at Mr. Whittaker's house, excitedly wakes up early, believing it's the first day of school. After getting ready, she comes downstairs only to find Whit in his pajamas, who informs her that it's actually Labor Day, not a school day. Disappointed, Suzu slumps at the table, leading Whit to cheer her up by making her waffles.

NOTE: This story takes place after the Rydell Revelations 3-parter.

October 2022 Evan David Brian Dawson 10/3/22
Eugene spends countless hours in his garage, working intensely on an elaborate Quaxon Attack Drone costume, hoping to impress Buck at their first family costume party. Bursting into the house proudly showcasing his creation, he is horrified to see Katrina and Buck dressed in simpler, themed costumes as Connie and Mr. Whittaker. Realizing his mistake, Eugene slumps in defeat, understanding he needs to change his costume to fit the "gang at Whit's End" theme.
November 2022 Evan David Brian Dawson 11/7/22
Connie and Jules embark on what they believe is a flight to LA for Thanksgiving, only to find themselves en route to Bora Bora, thanks to an unannounced change of plans from their Dad. Upon arrival, the family enjoys the stunning ocean view from their luxury cabin, with Connie initially confused and Jules impressed by their unexpected tropical setting. As they settle in, Connie realizes that, despite the non-traditional celebration, they have much to be thankful for, embracing the vacation with her family.
December 2022 Evan David Brian Dawson 12/5/22
Matthew and Emily exchange Christmas presents at their church Christmas fellowship. Matthew drops hints to Emily, leading her to believe her best friend has gotten her the perfect gift-- only to be ironically disappointed.