The Blackgaard Chronicles (book series)

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The Blackgaard Chronicles
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The Blackgaard Chronicles is a book series based on the popular Blackgaard saga. The books feature scenes not included in the episodes. The series currently has four books, and Phil Lollar has said that he plans for there to be eight.

Adventures in Odyssey Club members were be able to read part of the then untitled first book Opening Moves from November 16 – January 9. The second, Pawn's Play, was available on the Club from July 11 – August 1. Opening Moves was released in August of 2017, Pawn's Play was released in September of 2017. The third book, Cross-Check, was released in fall 2018. Rook's Ruse, the fourth book, was released in October 2019.

Eight books are currently planned.


  1. Opening Moves
  2. Pawn's Play
  3. Cross-Check
  4. Rook's Ruse
  5. Knight's Scheme