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The Radio Wave Study was a research project that took place at Campbell County Community College, led by Eugene Meltsner and funded by Andromeda. The purpose of the project was to study converting brain waves to radio waves, with the stated goal of helping those who were physically handicapped.

During the course of the study, Eugene figured out that Andromeda meant to use the technology to control the lives of people across the world, which involved reverse-engineering the process and converting radio waves to brain waves, stole the research, and took off with Katrina, going into hiding.

He later returned to the U.S. working with the National Institute of Health (NIH) to further work on the research. On the eve of a huge breakthrough, the NIH cut the funding for the project. Frustrated, Eugene returned later that night and performed the experiment on himself, resulting in the accidental erasing of his memory of Odyssey and the people there.