The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 9

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#687: “The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 9”
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October 4, 2010
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53: The Green Ring Conspiracy
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The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 9

“The Green Ring Conspiracy, Part 9” is episode #687 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on May 7, 2011.


Whit learns more about the Green Ring from both the Stiletto and young Buck Oliver. Eugene has a new task involving the Appleberry and Connie is puzzled by Dr. Trask’s version of Christianity.


Jason Whittaker reveals to John Whittaker that he is The Stiletto. Jason tells him that his boys took Monty back to the hospital. And he says he'll tell Whit what's going on in case things go wrong.

Buck Oliver goes down to Whit's workshop to get his phone from Matthew Parker, but he's not convinced that it's Buck's. Matthew explains that the phone is hooked up to a program on Whit's laptop in order to figure out the password so they can find the proper owner of the phone. Buck insists that it is his. He says it is his, but refuses to type in the password. Eugene Meltsner comes down ordering Buck not to touch the phone. The computer starts beeping and Eugene says that the computer found the password so now they can found out who owns the Appleberry.

Jason tells Whit that the FBI found the real Stiletto ten years ago, so they made a deal to swap what he knew in exchange for his identity. And so Jason stepped into the role. He stumbled onto a espionage ring while vacationing in Hong Kong. This espionage ring are financial terrorists that want to destroy America through technological attacks and counterfeit money. Jason met Mr. Grote as The Stiletto and agreed to pull together a network of counterfeiters in America. Jason tells him that the auction for Uncle Archie's Carnival is a cover. The counterfeit money will be transported with the equipment in trucks. Jason says that Monty's undercover operation made them very nervous. Derk tried to kill Monty to help him after he contacted him, but Derk was supposed to bring Monty to him in Atlanta alive. Jason says he needs twenty-four hours, after the auction, then they make their move. Whit tells Jason that Detective Polehaus is on his way, so Jason says he'd better head out and that Whit won't hear from him again until the operation is done unless something goes wrong.

At Trask's group, Penny Wise and Connie Kendall talk about a profound thought involving a crack in a window. Dr. Trask comes in and welcomes Connie to the group. Trask says that they are going to be studying Salvador Dali and his tarot collection. Connie protests this because tarot cards are satanic. Trask argues that they aren't using the cards, just looking at God in them. Trask goes on to "appeal" or pray to open their group.

Whit alks about Monty to Dr. Graham over the phone and she insists that Monty must stay in the hospital and for him not to come because it would just rile him up with all the cops and robbers stuff they have going on. Whit hangs up and Polehaus and his men show up at the place out side Connellsville. Whit tells him that Monty is at the hospital now and that agent tanner is no longer there. He explains to Polehaus that Tanner grabbed Monty so she could make a deal with the Stiletto. Polehaus tells Whit that Buck's spit matched the DNA found on the toothpick at the site where Monty disappeared. Also they found a match on the unidentifiable finger print left on the plastic that was on the counterfeit money found in the backpack; It's Buck's. Polehaus tells Whit to have his workers keep an eye on Buck. Polehaus has another lead, the old Ross compound near Trickle Lake. Polehaus gets a call saying that a truck just pulled into the Ross compound is about to head up there.

Katrina Meltsner enters Whit's End to find Jay behind the counter. He tells her that Buck is trying to get the Appleberry from Eugene and Matthew in the basement. The phone rings and Katrina answers to find it that it's Whit. He wants to know where Buck is and she says he's downstairs in a debate about an Appleberry. Jay tells Whit that Matthew found an Appleberry in the woods and Buck says it's his. whit realizes that the phone is Derk's phone, and says he's on his way. He also says not to let Buck or the phone out of her sight.

In the basement, Matthew decides to put in the password which turns out to be Stiletto. The phone unlocks and Buck starts wrestling with Matthew to get the phone. Katrina enters and breaks up the madness. She tells Buck she is making a citizens arrest under Whit's instructions. Eugene asks Buck to hand over the Appleberry and he destroys it by throwing it against the floor. Buck runs upstairs as all of them are trying to collect the pieces. Upstairs, Jay threatens Buck with an ice cream scoop in order to keep him from leaving and then Whit enters the shop and stops Buck. He takes him up to his office until Polehaus gets there.

At the Ross Compound, Mr. Dausch tells Mr. Skint that a cop car is down the road a ways watching the place and it's making him nervous about the delivery. Mr. Skint tells him to continue as planned and he'll have one of the boys send the cop one of his special cups of coffee.

After the meeting, Connie and Penny talk a little about it. Connie isn't comfortable with what Trask is teaching because it's not supported by the Bible. Penny says they can talk about things the next day on their hike.

Whit tells Polehaus they have Buck in his office at Whit's End and Polehaus says he'll be there right after he's done at the compound. Polehaus approaches the cop car at the compound and finds his officer asleep and connects it to the coffee that was given to him. Martin did get the license number of the big truck and it was registered to Uncle Archie's Carnival. Polehaus says he's going to get a look inside the compound by returning the coffee mug.

Buck calls Skint telling him that Mr. Whittaker caught him and that he's at Whit's End. Mr. Skint says he can't help him and hangs up.

At Archie's office, Archie is informed that The Stiletto is there to visit him. They talk about the plan for the transportation of the money, and Jason Whittaker as The Stiletto learns that the money is going to be transported in a different way than in the trucks with the equipment. Archie says that Derk was given the information. Archie also says that Mr. Grote is around, but he cannot say more because he will not speak for them. The Stiletto leaves. Archie then picks up the phone and calls someone. He informs them that he thinks that Mr. Grote was right for not trusting the Stiletto, and that he should be removed from their plan... or altogether.

Discussion Questions

  1. Mr. Skint insists that he is doing the right thing, even though he is doing bad things. How can we tell the difference between right and wrong?


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Monty Whittaker John Whittaker
Lauren Tanner Jason Whittaker
Sam (c) Jason Whittaker
Don Jason Whittaker
Mr. Grote Jason Whittaker
Derk Begs Jason Whittaker





Jay Smouse: Hey, where you going?
Buck Oliver: I have an errand to run.
Jay Smouse: Oh no you don't! Stay right where you are or I'll fire!!
Buck Oliver: That's an ice cream scoop.
Jay Smouse: Yeah, it is. And I know how to use it!
John Whittaker: Oh, hello Buck.
Eugene Meltsner: Someone apprehend that youth!
Buck Oliver: Sorry Mr. Whittaker, things are a little crazy around here. Now I really need to go.
John Whittaker: I don't think so.