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Jared DeWhite
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Jared DeWhite is a very popular Adventures in Odyssey child character best known for his overactive imagination and conspiracy theories. Jared was one of the more prominent characters during the post-hiatus years. When the actor left the show, Jared moved away, however, it was later explained in his reintroduction during the Novacom saga that he left because he was placed in the Witness Protection Program after his family discovered scathing information about a company named Andromeda. His best friend was Dwayne Oswald, who he asks Mandy and Sarah about when they accidentally find where the Witness Protection Program is keeping him. It is unknown if the two ever reunite, even after Jared returns to Odyssey. Jared makes his return to town after the company was brought down and lasted for a few episodes before leaving the show permanently. His last appearance was on The Triangled Web, Part 1, where he is revealed to have become a junior CIA analyst on Candid Conversations With Connie. His namesake in Odyssey is survived by his younger brother, Trent.

Conspiracy Theories

Jared is extremely popular among fans for being a conspiracy theorist whose ideas are usually wildly out-of-the-box and often land him into trouble. Scratching the surface, Jared is convinced that grown-ups conspire against children to hide knowledge, that World War II and nearly every other major war never happened, and that all the people in Congress are from Mars. Allowing his imagination to get out of hand, Jared scrawled a secret code to hide his communication with the kids of Odyssey from adults and later used it to discreetly deliver information about Andromeda to Mandy Straussberg and Sarah Prachett. He has run an online teen help service named "Miss Friendship" in which he warned his classmates that the popular cliques are made up of aliens, and once even believed that a man named Mark Herring, who was biking across America, got on his bike at a city, and when he left that city, got on a air-conditioned camper for the next 100 miles, rode his exercise bike, and ate fig bars (in Best Face Forward) and that Whit was conspiring to steal money from him and had cameras placed in his house (in The Buck Starts Here).


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Jared DeWhite is voiced by Brandon Gilberstadt, has appeared in 25 episodes, and has received an average user rating of 91.8%.

Jared DeWhite has been mentioned in 7 episodes.