Sergeant York, Part 4

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#711: “Sergeant York, Part 4”
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July 20, 2011
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1 Corinthians 13:7

7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

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Sergeant York, Part 4

“Sergeant York, Part 4” is episode #711 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Dave Arnold, and originally aired on April 28, 2012.

Avery Award Winner!
This episode won an Avery Award for Best Sound in the Summer 2012 Season!
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Eugene Meltsner and Red Hollard tell the story of Sergeant Alvin York, a troublemaker from rural Tennessee who became a World War I hero.


Eugene Meltsner and Red Hollard continue their Kids' Radio production on World War I hero, Alvin York.

Alvin joins Harry and tells him that Robert got hit. Harry tries to comfort him, but Alvin simply says let's end this war before everyone ends up like him. Alvin wrote to Gracie Williams expressing how hard Robert's death hit him. He states that he hopes the war ends soon, and that he'll be able to see her soon.

One night, the Captain invites Alvin into his tent. He informs Alvin that he is promoting him to Corporal. The Captain has faith in York that he'll be able to lead and teach his men. Alvin agrees to do his best.

During another battle, Alvin orders his men to charge. They charged over a hill an started their advance to get to a railroad. Alvin notices that the men on the hillside have a blindside. York takes some men, keeping low hoping to flank the men. The brush hid them, and they stayed behind the men. They jumped over a stream and ran into a bunch of Germans. The Germans were so surprised they threw their hands into the air. After some more fighting many more died. York exchanged fire with them, and used his turkey method to tetch them off. He gobbled and shot from back to front. York was determined to end the battle, he called out to them but they didn't approach him to surrender. He used his pistol and tetched off some more. Eventually a German major tells York that they will surrender. The German man tells his men and they were captured by York's men. Alvin convinces the Major to lead them and his men back to their division. York led his men straight through the German front line. As they approached they got shot at from the front line. Alvin came up with a plan to have the major blow his whistle that meant surrender. Under threat of being shot by Alvin, the German major did so and the Germans threw down their guns and surrendered giving York and his men even more prisoners. Alvin and his captives arrived at his command post unharmed. They tell the command that they have 137 soldiers with them. After this event, Alvin was promoted to Sergeant. Soon after they took the railroad, and soon after that the war ended and Alvin was able to return home.

As much as Alvin loved the news people, he was anxious to get back home. Once home he married Gracie, and at the wedding he receives a message from the president thanking him for his service. Eugene and Red wrap up the show and Red says he'll make a list of people for future shows. Eugene is unsure of what he got himself into.

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VERSION DIFFERENCE: [view] The first scene of the broadcast version of this episode features Eugene and Red Hollard recapping the story from the previous episode.

  • PARENTAL WARNING: This four part episode reflects on the life of Alvin York. While it is presented in a way that kids can handle, it contains some deaths of friends of Alvin and has a couple war scenes. As well as tackles the controversy of Christians going to war. It is encouraged for a parent to listen with their children and discuss the issues presented in the episode.
  • This was originally a 3 part episode. However, after editing the voice tracks, the AIO team discovered that the episode is 18 minutes too long. Rather than cut 18 minutes from the story, they decided to make it into AIO's first regular 4 part episode.
  • This episode was originally planned for Album 54 but was pushed back to Album 55 to make room for the episodes including Penny.


Gracie Williams: Alvin?
Alvin York: Yes?
Gracie Williams: You should kiss the bride again!