Davey's Pizza Oven

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Davey's Pizza Oven
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Davey's Pizza Oven (originally named Whit's Flop) is a pizza oven made from an old copy machine.

Davey Holcomb helped Whit with this invention that made pizza.

Due to the fact that this was an invention invented in the very first episode of Odyssey, this sets great expectations of inventions in in future years.


Episode Original Airdate Album Writer Director Rating Buy Preview
#1: “Whit's Flop”
November 21, 1987
1: The Adventure Begins
Phil Lollar
Phil Lollar

Davey Holcomb learns that failure is important when Whit shows him how to turn a failure into a great success.

#11: “Addictions Can Be Habit-Forming”
January 30, 1988
The Officer Harley Collection
Steve Harris
Steve Harris

A young girl name Joey tries a variety of bizarre methods to get her friend Stefanie to go on a diet.

#220: “This is Chad Pearson?”
February 20, 1993
16: Flights of Imagination
Marshal Younger
Paul McCusker

Bart Rathbone holds a big contest and the winner gets a date with television star Chad Pearson. It's a prize every girl in Odyssey wants … except the winner!

#549: “Think on These Things”
October 9, 2004
43: Along for the Ride
Nathan Hoobler
Bob Hoose

Marvin Washington and Trent DeWhite put the Imagination Station to some unexpected uses--to cheat and to get revenge.

#600: “The Nudge”
October 21, 2006
47: Into the Light
John Fornof
Bob Hoose

Marvin Washington believes that God may be telling him to give his bike to Grady. Grady, meanwhile, struggles to understand how God can listen to him.