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Katie Leigh
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Episode Characters Played 80
Episode Appearances 444
Books Written 2
Video Characters Played 1
Video Appearances 4
Podcast Appearances 31
Documentary Appearances 5


Avery Award Winner!
Katie Leigh has won three Avery Awards (Spring 2010, Fall 2010, Fall 2012) for Best Actress!
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Katie Leigh is a voice actress on Adventures in Odyssey. She is best known for playing the character of Connie Kendall.


Katie first appeared in Family Portraits, the test series preceding Adventures in Odyssey. She made her first appearance as Connie Kendall in 1987 in the episode Connie Comes to Town. She continues to fill her role as Connie to this day and has never left the show for an extended period of time. She has acted in more episodes than any person other than Chris Anthony.

Katie Leigh was the first actor to receive an Avery Award for Best Actress.

Her roles in audio include Millie in the Millie audio series and Miss Rose in the Elsie audio series with Aria Curzon who plays Mandy Straussberg.

Katie's son Adam Pavlakovich plays Cal Jordan.

Characters Played

Acting (444) · Characters (80) · Video Acting (4) · Video Characters (1) · Books (2) · Podcasts (31) · Documentaries (5)

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Katie Leigh has acted in 444 episodes with an average rating of 89.8%
Katie Leigh has acted in 4 videos with an average rating of 89%
Katie Leigh has voiced 1 character
Katie Leigh has written 2 books with an average rating of 90%


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