Phil Lollar

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Episode Characters Played 199
Episode Appearances 222
Episodes Hosted 2
Episodes Written 241
Episodes Directed 379
Episodes Produced 90
Books Written 16
Video Characters Played 5
Video Appearances 5
Videos Written 1
Podcast Appearances 37
Documentary Appearances 2



Phil Lollar started his performing career at the tender age of five. He won numerous acting awards in high school, and studied music, screenwriting and directing in college, receiving a degree in Cinema Production from Los Angeles City College. Phil then worked with Focus on the Family, co-creating the award-winning dramatic series Adventures in Odyssey, writing more than 200 episodes of the show and directing more than 300 episodes. At Focus, Phil met Jeff Parker and Nathan Carlson, and the three of them developed the hit comedy series "Jungle Jam and Friends the Radio Show!" as well as the animated video series "Little Dogs on the Prairie." Phil also served as a writer and consultant for the Nickelodeon/Jim Henson television series, The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, twice nominated for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Series. Phil resides in California with his wife and son.


Episodes Written (241) · Episodes Directed (379) · Episodes Produced (90) · Acting (222) · Characters (199) · Videos Written (1) · Video Acting (5) · Video Characters (5) · Books (16) · Podcasts (37) · Documentaries (2)

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Phil Lollar has written 241 episodes with an average rating of 89.3%
Phil Lollar has directed 379 episodes with an average rating of 88.5%
Phil Lollar has produced 90 episodes with an average rating of 86.8%
Phil Lollar has acted in 222 episodes with an average rating of 89.2%
Phil Lollar has voiced 199 characters
Phil Lollar has written 1 videos with an average rating of 89%
Phil Lollar has acted in 5 videos with an average rating of 91%
Phil Lollar has voiced 5 characters
Phil Lollar has appeared in 2 documentaries