Life, in the Third Person, Part 1

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#626: “Life, in the Third Person, Part 1”
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49: The Sky’s the Limit
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Psalm 55:22

22Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall.

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Life, in the Third Person, Part 1

“Life, in the Third Person, Part 1” is episode #626 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on November 3, 2007.


As her parents seem headed for divorce, Mandy Straussberg faces the future with a grim determination. Meanwhile, her father works on making his move to Chicago permanent.


The episode opens with Mandy talking about herself in the third person, and her mother leaving for a prayer retreat with Elaine Washington. On the way to the retreat, Elaine asks Rachel how she's doing now that Steven has left, she says she is fine and that she's resigned to the fact that Steven has left.

Meanwhile in Chicago, Steven and David are looking for a new place to live.

Back in Odyssey, Mandy is riding her bike - once again narrating her life when she blows a tire. Connie walks up and offers her to use a tire repair kit that they have at Whit's End. On the walk to Whit's End, Connie and Mandy talk about how Mandy never comes around anymore, and Mandy looks for an excuse to leave but can't find one.

At the prayer retreat, Rachel is listening to the speaker talk about how couples who pray together stay together more often than those who don't, and she then realizes that she and Stephen stopped praying together.

At Whit's End, Connie is talking to Mandy about her experience when her parents split up. Connie ends up telling her to keep hope for the future and to trust in God, reminding Mandy that Connie's parents are also divorced.

Meanwhile, Steven and David are touring Chicago looking for a new place to live with a real estate agent. They end up talking about living arrangements and the real estate agent says that after a couple separate they may as well just get a divorce. Otherwise, why separate in the first place?

At the prayer retreat Rachel is thinking about the wedding vows she made and tells Elaine how things started to change after they stopped praying together. Elaine says as long as they're both Christians there's hope that they can get back together.

Mandy, continuing her bike ride around Odyssey, still narrating her life and not paying attention, is hit by a car.

In Chicago, Steven and David are touring houses and David says that this isn't home, because home is where your family is. The real estate agent continues to talk about his past divorces and how his first wife who was a Christian didn't want to get a divorce. She didn't want a divorce because it's against the religion, he then goes on to say how he's glad Christians have changed to be like everyone else and accept divorce as a part of marriage.

Mandy wakes up in the hospital and finds out about her accident, the nurse assures her that she's fine but they can't give her any medication till her parents get there.

At the prayer retreat, Elaine and Rachel are still talking about their marriage and how God doesn't want it to end when Rachel gets a call on her cell phone. The person on the other line tells her about Mandy's accident, and Elaine and Rachel rush off to the hospital.

Discussion Questions

  1. Elaine kept bringing up Rachel's divorce, even though Rachel asked her not to; this could be portrayed as nice or mean. What do you think?


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
David Straussberg Robbie Rist
Elaine Washington J Karen Thomas
Mandy Straussberg Aria Curzon
Minister Unknown
Nurse Fillmore Lori Tritel
Rachel Straussberg Vanessa Marshall
Retreat Speaker Bill Maier
Rod Connelly Fred Tatasciore
Stephen Straussberg Nathan Carlson

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Liz Horton Mandy Straussberg
John Whittaker Connie Kendall
Bill Kendall Connie Kendall
June Kendall Connie Kendall





Stephen Straussberg: We're going to look at houses, not candidates for your next date!
David Straussberg: One never knows.

Stephen Straussberg: David. Seriously, why are you stalling?
David Straussberg: Seriously, Dad, why would I stall? It's just you and me in Chicago, looking for a new place to live. Why would that be a problem?

Rod Connelly: Though I should ask: how do you feel about trailer parks?
David Straussberg: ...I'm waiting in the car.