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#302: “Share and Share Alike”
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23: Twists and Turns
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Hebrews 13:16

16And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

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Share and Share Alike

“Share and Share Alike” is episode #302 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Marshal Younger, and originally aired on February 18, 1995.


Kids' Radio stages a share-a-thon to benefit a local homeless shelter.


Jesus feeds 5000.jpg

It’s Kid’s Radio’s first annual Share-a-Thon, hosted by Connie and Jack Allen. Their goal is 3,000 items — that is, 3,000 toys, items of clothing, or food to be donated to the Odyssey Shelter for the Homeless. To entertain listeners while they call in and pledge during the Share-a-Thon’s last half hour, Connie and Jack narrate three short stories about the importance of sharing.

The first is about a young girl named Jane, who is so selfish she won’t even give her little sister a ride to Whit’s End on her bike. Jane’s behavior is atrocious — until everyone else starts treating Jane the same rude way she treats them. Her mom won’t give her any food, her classmates won’t help her out in a crisis, and her father won’t even give her a ride home in his car. Jane sees the error of her ways.

Story number two is about a man named Roy who is the manager of an apartment building. The owner of the building gives Roy a great sum of money to refurbish the place. Instead of fixing things up, Roy spends the money on himself. The owner returns. He fires Roy, evicts him, and takes all of the things he bought back to the store.

Finally, the third story is about a boy named Daniel. Although he is hungry and poor, he gives up five loaves of bread and two fish to feed others — five thousand others, to be exact. The lessons on the importance of sharing are well learned. The first annual Kid’s Radio Share-a-Thon is a rousing success!

Discussion Questions

  1. Why is it important to share?
  2. Why did the apartment building owner fire and evict Roy?
  3. If you had been Daniel, would you really have given up your day’s food to Jesus?


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Ashley Heather Mehl
Caleb Kyle Ellison
Carol Maureen Davis
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
Cynthia Katie Leigh
Daniel Kyle Ellison
Daniel's Mother Katie Leigh
Daniel's Neighbor Alan Young
Erica Clark Erin Love
Everett Nielson Matt Hurwitz
Mr. Harding Alan Young
Hayley Clark Heather Mehl
Jack Allen Alan Young
Jane Erin Love
Jesus Christ Brian Cummings
Lunch Lady Maureen Davis
Nathan Matt Hurwitz
Roy Matt Hurwitz
Salesperson Maureen Davis
Thief Matt Hurwitz
Trudy Maureen Davis

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
George Barclay Connie Kendall
Mary Barclay Connie Kendall
Jimmy Barclay Connie Kendall
Donna Barclay Connie Kendall
Stewart Reed Barclay Connie Kendall




Everett Nielson: Let me ask you this: How many of you have more spaghetti strainers than you even have packages of spaghetti?! I have one word for you: give.

Jack Allen: I pledge 12... uh...
Connie Kendall: Hurry, we're running out of time!
Jack Allen: Mugs! Yes, I pledge 12 mugs and they all say "World's Greatest Grandpa!"

Jack Allen: That's another reason for sharing: because Jesus asks us to.

Roy: I'm Roy, and I need to spend some money.
Salesperson: Well, you came to the right place.
Roy: Oh, good.