The Triangled Web, Part 2

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#639: “The Triangled Web, Part 2”
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The Triangled Web, Part 2

“The Triangled Web, Part 2” is episode #639 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Marshal Younger, and originally aired on April 26, 2008.


Lucy Cunningham-Schultz becomes the center of attention when Jimmy Barclay, Curt Stevens and Jack Davis return to Odyssey for a reunion – each young man determined to win her heart at last.


When walking to Whit's End, Curt Stevens calls Lucy Cunningham-Schultz and asks her to stop by Odyssey Elementary School. Meanwhile Jimmy Barclay decides to take Lucy on the Lewis and Clark Imagination Station adventure. Lucy arrives at Odyssey Elementary and the two start to have dinner eating elementary school food. Lucy feels awkward when Curt reveals he is trying to apologize. His poem fails to convince her and she leaves.

After waiting patiently for Lucy to come to the Gazebo, Jack Davis decides to go back to Whit's End. When Lucy gets to Whit's End Connie directs her upstairs. However, when she gets to the Bible Room, Whit gives her a note saying Jack would like to meet her at the Gazebo. Curt laments to Bernard Walton how his plans fails and he encourages him to apologize to her. Jack arrives at Whit's End and finds out Lucy should be in the Imagination Station with Jimmy.

Jimmy and Curt meet in the Imagination Station where they are chased by a buffalo stampede. Lucy arrives at the Gazebo and thinks Jack stood her up and decides to return to Whit's End. Curt arrives at Whit's End and after finding out Lucy should be in the Imagination Station rushes up there. After talking Jack reveals to Jimmy that he and Lucy are supposed to be dating. Curt arrives and joins then in the Lewis and Clark expedition, revealing that he also likes Lucy.

Whit, Connie and Bernard all have a conversation finding out that Jack, Jimmy, and Curt are all pursuing Lucy. Jack, Jimmy, and Curt all realize they have all been competing for Lucy. Connie, Bernard, and Whit all come in and realize that Lucy isn't in the Imagination Station. However the combined weight sinks the boat they're all in. Lucy finally appears ending the three way search.

Jimmy finally reveals his crush to Lucy and she is flattered but the two decide to remain friends. After talking about their respective relationships with Lucy, Curt encourages Jack to commit to Lucy. Jack and Curt then talk with Whit who encourages Jack once again to commit to her. Finally, Jack takes Lucy to the Gazebo and proposes to her, accompanied by a show put on by Curt and Jimmy. The show ends with Curt and Jack deciding to pound Jimmy for the fun of it after he jokes about Jack and Lucy's wedding.

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Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Bernard Walton Dave Madden
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
Curt Stevens Fabio Stephens
Jack Davis Donald Long
Jimmy Barclay David Griffin
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz Genni Long
Meriwether Lewis Will Ryan
Bible Verse Mirror Phil Lollar

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Maude Walton Bernard Walton





Jimmy Barclay: It's Lewis! Or maybe it's Clark...I can't figure out which is which...

Curt Stevens: Could you stop by Odyssey Elementary first?
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: What for?
Curt Stevens: Oh, it's kind of a surprise.
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: Okay, I'll be there in a few minutes.
Curt Stevens: Okay, I'll bring the dust pan.
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: Why?
Curt Stevens: Cause you might get swept away.

Curt Stevens: Mr. Walton?
Jimmy Barclay: Connie?
Jack Davis: Mr. Whittaker?
Meriwether Lewis: Where did you people come from? This boat can't handle this much weight!

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: What's going on in here?
Curt Stevens: You, uh, want to go out with us?

Curt Stevens: "Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?"
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: You stole that!
Curt Stevens: I only had like, fifteen minutes! I spent all my time finding the sporks!

Jack Davis: Maybe I should bow out and let you have her. I mean, Lucy deserves somebody who can make a decision.
Jimmy Barclay: Yeah, but that's not me. I can't make a decision. It takes me fifteen minutes just to pick out something off the value menu.

Jimmy Barclay: The lawn's on fire! The lawn's on fire! Who's got a fire extinguisher?
Curt Stevens: You were supposed to bring that!
Jimmy Barclay: I knew that!