Broken-Armed and Dangerous

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#588: “Broken-Armed and Dangerous”
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46: A Date with Dad (and Other Calamities)
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1 John 1:9

9If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

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Broken-Armed and Dangerous

“Broken-Armed and Dangerous” is episode #588 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Kathy Buchanan, and originally aired on March 4, 2006.


When Eugene contributes to an accident that leaves Connie with a broken arm, he tries to make amends by helping her with every task.


An accident at Whit's End leaves Connie with a broken arm...and Eugene is sure he's responsible. He apologizes continually throughout the trip to the hospital, and though Connie assures him that she has forgiven him, he still feels terrible. To make amends, Eugene follows Connie around for days, trying to help her with everything from walking to decorating for her mother's birthday party at Whit's End.

Meanwhile, Whit unveils his latest invention, the Mega Mix-O-Matic, to Marvin and Tamika. They're both pretty impressed. Unfortunately, after Whit leaves, Tamika breaks it while trying to show off for an eager customer. Tamika leaves the scene of the crime.

However, when Whit comes back later, everything points to Marvin as the one responsible. Marvin is forced to pay for a replacement. Eventually, guilt gets the better of Tamika, and she gives Marvin the money. She fails to tell Marvin that it's her fault, and her feelings of guilt grow as Marvin keeps praising her for being such a wonderful sister.

And as preparations for June Kendall's party continue, Eugene desperately tries to help, with disastrous results. Connie retreats to Whit's office to work on her book, but when Eugene finds her there, he insists on helping her type. The story she is working on reminds Connie of how terribly she treated Eugene when he first came to Odyssey. She begins to apologize profusely, despite Eugene's repeated protests that all is forgiven. Connie races downstairs to tell Whit.

Marvin continues to brag about his sister when he repays Whit for the blade, but Tamika's guilt is too great, and she breaks down and confesses.

At the same time, Connie and Eugene come downstairs. Out of frustration with Connie's constant apologizing, Eugene snaps at Connie, asking why she has to keep apologizing and feeling bad when it's already been forgiven...and then realizes that's exactly what he's been doing.

Both Tamika and Eugene learn a valuable lesson about confessing sin and accepting forgiveness.

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Discussion Questions

  1. Even though that Connie forgave Eugene, he kept waiting on her. Was that right?
    • Why or why not?


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Alice McGibbens Jennifer Darling
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
Edith Sutton Mitzi McCall
Eugene Meltsner Will Ryan
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger
Marvin Washington Kendre Berry
Party Guest Unknown
Dr. Pittske Lisa Kaplan
Officer Stew Burke Marshal Younger
Tamika Washington Courtney Brown

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Margaret Faye Eugene Meltsner
June Kendall Dr. Pittske
Ed Washington Marvin Washington
Elaine Washington Marvin Washington
Rusty Gordon (Malone) Connie Kendall
Harlow Doyle Eugene Meltsner





Connie Kendall: I made Eugene cry!!
Tamika Washington: You made Eugene cry?!

Connie Kendall: I can't have a mugshot done today. My hair looks terrible.

Connie Kendall: My arm is feeling fine, Eugene! In fact, it's feeling so much better, I think I could clobber you! Would you please just go?!

Connie Kendall: It's amazing how fast I can type with one hand...
Eugene Meltsner: <sarcastically> Yes... like lightning...

Eugene Meltsner: I am so sorry for apologizing so profusely!

Officer Stew Burke: Do you have a receipt for those socks?
Connie Kendall: Trust me, Officer: I did not shoplift those socks! If I was gonna shoplift something, I would steal something much more fashionable.
Officer Stew Burke: How comforting.