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Jess Harnell
Episode Characters Played 58
Episode Appearances 137
Podcast Appearances 7
Documentary Appearances 1

Avery Award Winner!
Jess Harnell has won 2 Avery Awards for Best Actor!
Odyssey awards.png

Jess Harnell debuted in the Odyssey world in 2001 in the episode Welcoming Wooton as the quirky mailman Wooton Bassett. He was also featured in the Last Chance Detectives radio series as Buddy Lewis in Mystery of the Lost Voices.

Before joining Adventures in Odyssey, Jess Harnell was the voice of Wakko in Stephen Spielberg's Animaniacs, an award winning animated series that aired in the 90's. Jess is also the announcer on ABC's America's Funniest Home Videos. In the best selling 2009 animated film, Up, he voiced an overweight, white man with a molock haircut from the "Shady Oaks Retirment" home. Harnell is well known for his work in other major cartoons and is one of the most sought after cartoon voice actors in the country. He is well known for his work in voice-overs and his remarkable impressions. In 2017, he voiced Barricade in the movie Transformers: The Last Knight.

As seen on HGTV's show Home, Strange Home, he lives in a sci-fi themed house.

Characters Played

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Jess Harnell has acted in 137 episodes with an average rating of 89.3%
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