Broken Window

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#467: “Broken Window”
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Proverbs 11:12

12A man who lacks judgment derides his neighbor, but a man of understanding holds his tongue.

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Broken Window

“Broken Window” is episode #467 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Kathy Buchanan, and originally aired on March 24, 2001.


There's a window broken at Whit's End! But who is the one responsible? Could it be Alex who was playing with his bat? Rodney out to get revenge? Sarah's bad juggling? Or could it be... the most unlikely person there could possibly be?!


The broken window

The mystery begins on a seemingly normal day at Whit's End...or as normal as things get around there. Sarah Prachett stumbles upon Alex Jefferson hiding in bushes at Whit's End, keeping his baseball bat from view. He begs Sarah not to tell Rodney Rathbone, who is laughing across the street with his friends, that he is there. He explains that Rodney is mad at him for an incident earlier in Whit's End and probably mad at Whit, too.

The two of them go into Whit's End and discover the front window is broken! They tell Connie that Rodney must have broken it, but when he shows up he says that it was probably Alex who did it. (He was hitting baseballs after all.) When Whit comes in, they all talk at once, telling him they know who broke the window. Instead of trying to sort it out, Whit decides to have a court....with Connie as the judge! While Connie is getting ready, she tries to call Mitch and complains to Whit that he keeps canceling their get-togethers, and has missed their most recent date altogether. Just as Connie goes into the Little Theater, Mitch shows up and Whit nabs him to be the bailiff. Connie calls the trial to order and the court begins. Everyone gives his own testimony. Rodney says that he saw Alex hitting baseballs and has his bat to prove it. Alex calls Sarah and Whit as his witnesses to prove that he didn't break the window. When Mitch is called to the stand, he reveals that he saw Sarah Prachett practicing juggling. Alex figures out that Sarah was lying and knew the window was broken before she got there. Sarah maintains her innocence.

After a brief intermission, Judge Kendall returns her verdicts. Alex Jefferson...not guilty. Rodney Rathbone...not guilty. Sarah Prachett...not guilty. In fact, the guilty one is...John Avery Whittaker. He broke the window when he was sweeping! Whit reveals that he let the court go on so the kids could learn a lesson about honesty and judging others. Connie and Mitch talk and Connie finds that she was mistaken about when Mitch was supposed to meet her. The two of them agree to meet that night. Justice is served in Odyssey once again.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why didn't Sarah want to tell the truth about what she saw?
  2. Whit said it would have been easier to just tell the truth. How would it have been easier?
  3. Alex and Sarah and Rodney immediately decided who they thought had broken the window. Why did Whit say that was a bad thing?
  4. Sarah, Alex, and Rodney jumped to conclusions when it came to the culprit. How did Connie jump to conclusions about Mitch?
  5. Have you ever jumped to conclusions about a friend or family member?


Role Voice Actor
Alex Jefferson Travis Tedford
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger
Robert Mitchell Steve Burns
Rodney Rathbone Steve Burns
Sarah Prachett Scarlett Pomers




Alex Jefferson: Connie and Mitch, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i—
Connie Kendall: We were just gonna talk.
Alex Jefferson: Connie and Mitch, sitting in a tree, t-a-l-k-i-n-g.
Connie Kendall: We were not in a tree.
Alex Jefferson: Connie and Mitch, sitting in a booth—
John Whittaker: I think you two better stop now.
Alex Jefferson: We're just practicing our spelling. S-p-l-l, I mean, s-p-i--

Rodney Rathbone: But you don't not know!
Robert Mitchell: Yeah— I mean no, I don't not know, I guess...
Rodney Rathbone: So, if you don't not know, then you do know! And if you know that the answer isn't no, then you know that there's no way you can know I broke the window!
Robert Mitchell: Huh?
Rodney Rathbone: No further questions!

Connie Kendall: Court is now in recess!
Rodney Rathbone: Oh yeah! When the going gets tough, the tough go outside and play on the swings!

Rodney Rathbone: Do I look like I'm stupid?
Connie Kendall: Um...
Rodney Rathbone: Strike that from the record.

Rodney Rathbone: Thank you, I'm calling Rodney P. Rathbone to the stand.
Connie Kendall: That's you.
Rodney Rathbone: I know!

Alex Jefferson: Rodney, did you or did you not get kicked out of Whit's End yesterday?
Rodney Rathbone: Yeah, so?
Alex Jefferson: Did you, or did you not try to get revenge?
Rodney Rathbone: Of course I did! What's your point?
Alex Jefferson: No further questions!

Rodney Rathbone: I'd like to call Mitch! ...Whatever your last name is.

Rodney Rathbone: Where were you on the morning of...this morning?