A Big Commitment

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#779: “A Big Commitment”
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59: Taking the Plunge
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1 Timothy 4:12

12Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.

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A Big Commitment

“A Big Commitment” is episode #779 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on October 10, 2015.


Eugene's search for the cyber-thieves at Odyssey Bank turns toward familiar foes, Connie wonders what will happen to her friendships if circumstances change, and Wooton finally learns what brought Penny to Odyssey.


The first scene opens as Whit walks into Whit's End after another Odyssey Business Association meeting and tells Connie that Whit's End is going to be the center of the Let's Get Together Festival, and that he wants Connie to do a Candid Conversations broadcast for the festival. Connie tells Whit that she is already feeling left out by Penny, and tells him that Wooton is bulldozing his house. In the next scene, Eugene walks into Detective Davidson's office, who is reviewing the security tapes. They see Vince King enter the office, and right after, Vance also comes in. In the later video, Vince bends down to do something with the port for the flash drive. Right after Vince leaves, Vance also messes with the ports for the computer. Landon decides to get a search warrant for the Kings. But he warns Eugene that if they don't have the right suspect, the real thief will steal all of the bank's money and run. In the next scene, Wooton and Penny are meeting with David and Eva Parker. They start talking about commitment, which leads into Penny saying that commitment doesn't mean anything to a lot of people. In the next scene, Landon goes to the King's house with a search warrant for any computer equipment on the property. In the next scene, Connie is broadcasting about the Let's Get Together festival, and flies off the handle about Wooton and Penny leaving her out of their lives. She goes to commercial, and Whit comes in and tells her that it doesn't have to be this way. He tells her that she doesn't have to stop being friends with Wooton and Penny. He tells her to talk to them, and she tells Whit that she is so fearful of being abandoned. At the police office, Eugene and Landon are looking at the drives they got from the King's house, Where Eugene has found a program on a drive that creates a perfect copy of his system, and behind the fake system, the program is stealing money. The other flash drive that appears to be empty, is actually a ghost bank account that can be used to transfer the money. Landon goes into the interview room while Eugene watches behind a two-way mirror. Vince denies everything at first, so Landon suggests they go look at the security videos together. At Connie and Penny's house, Penny is telling Connie about her similarities and differences circles she has made for her and Wooton. Connie asks what about the people who aren't married, and Penny tells Connie that they are friends no matter what because she is committed. She says that she's commited, even though some people aren't. She recalls a past experience where someone didn't stay commited to her before Wooton. Connie asks what happened, and Penny says that what she never explained what brought her to Odyssey is what happened. At the police station, Landon has Vince completely pegged. Vance wants a lawyer, and Landon leaves to let father and son talk. Behind the two-way mirror, Eugene watches the exchange as Landon joins him. Vance announces he knows that they are watching, and Vince says that if Vance stole the money, then he needs to fess up. Vance yells that Landon can come back in, and when he does, Vance tells him that he was taking a flash drive out, and not putting it in. He copied the files to see what Vince was doing. Vance completely squeals on Vince, and tells Landon all about his dad's sceme, and tells Landon that Vince was actually also stealing from his loan customers. At Hal's Diner, Penny tells Wooton how she came to Odyssey. She tells Wooton about a guy named Devon that she was going to marry. She and Devon went to the same college because they were going to get married. There were winter jobs that Penny worked in Odyssey, and Devon went to visit his family. He called her on the phone from the other side of the country and told her he wasn't coming back. Penny tells Wooton is was a terrible pain, and she doesn't want it to happen again. Wooton holds her hand and tells her he's committed. He says he believes that "I do" is something he says every day for the rest of their lives, not just on the wedding day. At Whit's End, Landon and Eugene are telling Whit that Vince has been convicted and will go to court. Landon tells Eugene that he would like to work with him on another case sometime, and Eugene says that all Landon has to do is ask.

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