Living in the Gray, Part 1

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#535: “Living in the Gray, Part 1”
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Luke 15:23-24

23Bring the fattened calf and kill it. Let's have a feast and celebrate. 24For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.' So they began to celebrate.

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Living in the Gray, Part 1

“Living in the Gray, Part 1” is episode #535 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Marshal Younger, and originally aired on January 24, 2004.


After the tumultuous events surrounding her near-wedding, Connie stays in Washington, D.C., to meet up with an old friend – Jimmy Barclay!


Connie's stay in Washington, D.C. continues. She and George Barclay enjoy a restaurant lunch with his son Jimmy, now a local reporter for the Washington Star...or is he? Connie has to wonder, especially when a wacky waitress shares a few words with her "boyfriend."

Soon arriving at his "workplace," Connie catches Jimmy in his lie. He doesn’t work for a respected Washington paper, he isn’t going to college, and he thinks it would crush his parents if they knew. Where is his job? Connie finds out by following him at night – Jimmy Barclay is taking photos for Society Scandal, a shady tabloid!

After Jimmy fails his latest assignment, his boss threatens to fire him. Jimmy begs for another chance and he gets something no one else will cover: the “Stand Your Ground Christian Men’s Conference,” the rally for godly fathers that his dad is helping to lead.

(continues in #536: “Living in the Gray, Part 2”...)

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Discussion Questions

  1. Was Jimmy right to hide his failures from his parents?
    • Why or why not?
  2. How did George show Jimmy that he cared about him?
  3. Jimmy found that God and his family still loved him despite his mistakes. When you mess up, what do you feel?


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Annie (a) Unknown
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
Felicia Danson Kat Cressida
Mr. Gardner Jim Custer
George Barclay Chuck Bolte
Jimmy Barclay David Griffin
Washington Star Receptionist Kat Cressida

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Joanne Allen George Barclay
Jack Allen Connie Kendall
Robert Mitchell Connie Kendall
Donna Barclay Jimmy Barclay
Mary Barclay Connie Kendall


  • This episode marks Jimmy Barclay's first appearance since #386: “It's a Pokenberry Christmas, Part 2”.
  • When Jimmy is trying to sneak into the senator's home in this episode, Connie arrives and interrupts. The senator's guard dogs wake up, and Jimmy runs to Connie's car. Jimmy shouts "Start your car, please! Start the car!" This may be a parody of when Indy runs to the plane while being chased by natives in the gambit of Raiders of the Lost Ark, where Indy shouts "Start the plane, Jock! Start the plane!"
Main article: List of Indiana Jones references
  • From 1852 to 1981 there was a real daily newspaper called the Washington Star, as in this episode.
  • Mr. Gardner tells Jimmy in this episode to take US Interstate 95 to the Senator's house.
  • The "Stand Your Ground" men's conference in this episode was briefly mentioned by George earlier in #534: “Something Blue, Part 2”. It also appears to be an allusion to the real-life Promise Keepers men's movement.
  • Listen carefully: Katie Leigh seems to have been suffering from a cold during the recording of this episode. Her voice was similarly affected in the episode #195: “Father's Day”.



Felicia: So now, you're a priest, is that right?
George Barclay: Uh, a pastor.
Felicia: Oh, well, priest, pastor... Listen, I have always wanted to ask this question. Will heaven have latte?

Felicia: Where is that waitress!? ...I'd sure like some bread sticks, how about you guys?
Jimmy Barclay: Uh, you're the waitress, Felicia.
Felicia: Oh... Oh! That's right! I'm the waitress! Silly me! ...Jim, could you get some waters for Table Number Three?

Connie Kendall: Stake outs are boring, stake outs are dull. I need more soda... and I need some more chips.