But, You Promised

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#90: “But, You Promised”
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Colossians 3:9

9Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices

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But, You Promised

“But, You Promised” is episode #90 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Phil Lollar and Diane Dalbey, and originally aired on October 21, 1989.


In a pinch about losing her bike, Robyn lies about the people who stole it.


Robyn Jacobs has had a problem with responsibility lately. First, she hasn't been locking her bike up like she should. She's also putting off schoolwork and stretching the truth to her friends. Her parents debate over whether to step in and correct her or let Robyn suffer the consequences of her actions.

Robyn's parents decide on the latter and, soon enough, Robyn deals with her lack of responsibility. She fails to lock up her bike at the mall, and it gets stolen. To avoid the inevitable lectures from her parents, Robyn says that her bike was taken by two guys in a van who talk funny. Soon Robyn's world begins to crumble when Donna Barclay and Lucy Cunningham-Schultz confront her about the fibs she's been telling.

Things get really bad, though, when Officer Sedgewick from the Odyssey Sheriff's Department informs her that they've found two men who fit her description of the bicycle thieves: Italian immigrants named Angelo and Mario Sisco. Robyn doesn't want to implicate the men, but she doesn't do much to acquit them, either. When the two men come up with an airtight alibi, Robyn's story-telling is finally over for good. She is forced to admit the whole story, having learned that the trouble caused by telling lies is far worse than any trouble brought by telling the truth.

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Discussion Questions

  1. Robyn said she fibbed to Lucy because she didn’t want to hurt Lucy’s feelings. Is that a good reason to lie? Explain.
  2. Have you ever told a lie that got someone else in trouble?
    • If so, how did you remedy the situation?
  3. Besides getting in trouble, what are some other consequences of lying?


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Tony Peterson Oscar Peterson
Jack Davis Connie Kendall


VERSION DIFFERENCE: [view] The broadcast version of this episode begins with Chris talking to Dr. Snitzelbonker. He has invented a lie detector that plays the AIO theme when he lies.

  • This episode was originally about keeping promises, but the script was later changed so that the story dealt with the issue of lying. However, the title remained the same. So it wasn't put into an album until The Gold Audio Series.
  • This is Hal Smith's 100th episode acting.
  • Braces are to straighten your teeth, while retainers are to hold your teeth in place after the braces. (Of course, Robyn didn't even remember how to pronounce the word. It's reasonable to say that Robyn made a mistake with that.)



Robyn Jacobs: They looked like real bad guys. And... and they talked funny.
Oscar Peterson: My big brother talked funny after he went to the orthodontist. Did these guys wear retainers?
John Whittaker: Never mind, Oscar!

Robyn Jacobs: They wore black sweaters. You know, sorta like crooks on TV? And they talked funny! Like they had containers!
Dale Jacobs: Containers?
Robyn Jacobs: Yeah, containers! You know, to straighten your teeth?
Ann Jacobs: I think you mean retainers.
Robyn Jacobs: Yeah, that too!

Dale Jacobs: You sure you're telling us everything?
Robyn Jacobs: Well, yeah, Dad. That's all I can think up—uh, I mean, remember.

Robyn Jacobs: I think you might want to sit down.
Dale Jacobs: We are sitting.
Robyn Jacobs: Oh yeah, you are.

Connie Kendall: We've gotta keep that boy away from Jack.