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#110: “A...is for Attitude”
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Proverbs 3:5

5Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

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A...is for Attitude

“A...is for Attitude” is episode #110 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Phil Lollar, and originally aired on April 14, 1990.


Connie is convinced that having a positive attitude will enable her to overcome any problem.



Connie has had it with studying. She turns on the television for background noise and hears positive-thinking expert Dr. Vincent Van Schpeele on the Opera Geraldohue show. Dr. Van Schpeele is promoting his new book, Happiness Is a State, but You Can't Get There from Here. In his book, he theorizes that performance is directly tied to attitude - good attitude results in good performance, and bad attitude results in bad performance.

Connie falls for this philosophy hook, line, and sinker. She immediately applies it to her life-starting with her geography test. She also begins spreading the gospel of positive thinking, convincing her friend Cheryl McCormick that she should try out for the school glee club - even though she's never sung before. Connie also tells Jimmy Barclay and Ben to let attitude win their next basketball game and encourages Peter Dillon to conquer his fear of heights by crossing the train trestle at Miller's Ravine.

Needless to say, none of this works: Cheryl makes a fool of herself, Jimmy and Ben get creamed, and Peter ends up frozen with fear at the top of the trestle. Whit and Connie race off to rescue Peter, which Whit does just before a train runs them down! And Connie winds up with a "D" on her geography test. She has learned that it's foolish to rely on positive thinking rather than on the Lord.

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Discussion Questions

  1. Why did Connie think Dr. Van Schpeele’s book would help her?
  2. Is there anything wrong with positive thinking?
    • When does positive thinking present problems?
  3. Why should you never, ever walk across a train trestle—or even on train tracks, for that matter?


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June Kendall Connie Kendall


VERSION DIFFERENCE: [view] The broadcast version starts with Chris about to give blood to a blood bank. When filling out a form, under "age" she puts "Not Available." She meets a fellow donor who is extremely nervous and tries to calm him down. In the closing wrap, the donor reveals that he's a medical doctor.




Connie Kendall: Goodbye, geography! Hello, attitude!

Connie Kendall: Now I want you to repeat after me. "I can do it, I can sing, I can sing most anything!"

Jimmy Barclay: We were pretty awful, huh, coach?
Fred Zachary: No, no no, you'd have to improve a whole lot to be awful!

Fred Zachary: They kept making these, whatchacall, dumb plays. Like those passes you kept throwing to Jimmy, Ben.
Ben (b): He was always open!
Fred Zachary: He was on the bench! Didn't it strike you as a tad strange that, uh, that, uh he was sitting down?!
Ben (b): I thought he was tired! Sorry.

Fred Zachary: Something, whatchacall wrong?

Chris Anthony: I just think it's funny that there's a loose connection between "B Positive" and "being positive."
Doctor at blood bank: Heh, heh, heh. I don't think that's the only loose connection around here.

Doctor at blood bank: What blood type are you?
Chris Anthony: O.
Doctor at blood bank: O?
Chris Anthony: O.
Doctor at blood bank: Oh!