Nothing to Fear

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#10: “Nothing to Fear”
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1 John 4:18

18There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

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Nada que temer
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January 4, 2014
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“Nothing to Fear” is episode #10 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on January 23, 1988.


Shirley Zigler seems to be afraid of everything! But when Shirley's courage is put to the test, she has to put her fears behind her.


Shirley Zigler is afraid of everything. When we first meet her, she is screaming at the top of her lungs at the sight of Jake's pet mouse, Luthor. Whit notes Shirley's problem and tells her that Jesus' perfect love can cast out her fear. Whit suggests that most fears are really inside our heads. He coaxes Shirley into holding Luthor just so she'll know that there is no reason to be afraid. All is well for a few seconds - then Luthor moves. Shirley screams again and drops him, sending Luthor scurrying off into the cracks and crevices of Whit's End.

This doesn't sit well with Jake, and he concocts a plan to teach Shirley a lesson about fear. With the help of his friend Danny, Jake sets the plan: He'll lure Shirley down to the basement of Whit's End, where he's rigged up some boxes to fall on her. Danny's job is to turn out the lights once they're down there and then distract Connie, who is working upstairs. All while Whit is at a meeting.

Shirley comes in, and Jake puts his plan into action. Down in the basement, Shirley is frightened. Jake laughs, especially when the lights go out. But when he tries to take Shirley back upstairs, he trips over his own booby trap and ends up spraining his ankle. They yell for help, but Danny is doing his job so well that no one hears them. Jake can't walk, so it's up to Shirley to face her fears and go for help. She remembers Whit's words about fear and turns to God for strength. Shirley sets her mind on Jesus, and her fear disappears. Jake is rescued, and all learn a valuable lesson about the power of Jesus' perfect love.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why do you think Shirley was so afraid of everything?
  2. Why was Jake wrong for wanting to teach Shirley a lesson?
  3. What makes you scared?
  4. How do you deal with your fears?


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Freddy Danny
Mayor Perkins John Whittaker


PARENTAL WARNING: The nightmare scene and the scene in the basement at Whit's End may be too intense for younger listeners.

  • This episode mentions "Mayor Perkins", the first mayor to be mentioned on the show.
  • This was the first AIO episode that garnered any noticeable negative reaction, due to the nightmare scene.
  • In the early days of Adventures in Odyssey, the regular cast (aside from Whit, Tom Riley, Connie Kendall and the ill-fated David Harley) was constantly shifting. As a result, it wasn't uncommon for characters to appear in only a couple of episodes and actors usually found themselves playing a different character every episode. For example in this episode Chad Reisser (who would later play Monty Whittaker) plays Jake Barns and Sage Bolte (who would later play Robyn Jacobs) plays Shirley Zigler.
  • Connie supposedly did not hear Shirley scream because the train was running so loudly. However, since the train (and Connie) were upstairs, shouldn't someone downstairs have heard the screaming? It was already established in #7: “Promises, Promises” that the train was upstairs.



Jake Barns: Danny, maybe you should tell Connie about this table.
Danny: What?
Jake Barns: The table, tell Connie that it wobbles.
Danny: It does? Oh, yes, it does! Doesn't it?

Danny: Connie, I think you've better have a look at this table.
Connie Kendall: Why, what's wrong with it?
Danny: It's wobbly. I don't think it's safe for children my age.
Connie Kendall: You don't think it's safe? What are you going to do, drive it home? You know, I really worry about you kids sometimes.

John Whittaker: You're not afraid of me, are you?
Shirley Zigler: No, of course not!
John Whittaker: Well, see boys?
Shirley Zigler: Except when you wear your big black overcoat. It's kinda creepy.