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#750: “All By Myself”
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December 1, 2014 ↓
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October 16, 2013
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Matthew 18:20

20For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."

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“All By Myself,” an Adventures in Odyssey Club exclusive, is episode #750 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Marshal Younger and Paul McCusker, and was originally released on December 1, 2014.


Wooton is quarantined in his house and has to find ways to entertain himself. Meanwhile, Penny tries to re-create a mountaintop experience with God.


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Discussion Questions

  1. Would you rather be around people, or be off somewhere by yourself? Why?
  2. Whit’s End is the best place in Odyssey for kids to gather. Where do you like to hang out with your friends? Why is that such a special spot?
  3. After her mountaintop experience, Penny was inspired to pray for people she’d never thought to pray for before. Name someone you see every day who has never made your prayer list. How can you pray for that person?
  4. What places help you to feel closer to God?
  5. Read James 3:3-8 together. Why do you think the Bible cautions us to guard our tongues and not gossip?
  6. Maybe gossiping isn’t a challenge for you, but something else is. When you spend time with God, is there a habit He wants you to work on? How might an “accountability partner” help?
  7. Have you ever been sick in bed and really bored, like Wooton? If so, what did you do to pass the time?
  8. Penny asked, “Where are your friends when you need them?” Which of your friends can you always count on?
  9. How do you think Penny felt when she heard that Wooton wanted to share a Bible verse with her? Why? If you know someone who needs encouragement, look up a passage that could help, confident that God’s Word will make a difference (Isaiah 55:11).


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Lily Graham Wooton Bassett
Delores Vineropoli Penny Bassett


  • This episode is available outside the club in the compilation album Camp on It.
  • Penny sings "Jesus Loves Me" and "O Holy Night".
  • The carolers sing "Joy to the World". The music cues which immediately follow begin with the first four notes of the chorus.
  • The music cue which plays right after Connie visits Wooton in the hospital for the first time contains part of the tune to "O Come All Ye Faithful".
  • The music cues which play right after Wooton mourns the death of Walter the praying mantis and Connie leaves to speak with Dr. Graham, as well as after the two scenes immediately following, contain part of the tune to "The Twelve Days of Christmas".



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