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#544: “Split Ends”
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Genesis 33:1-20

1Jacob looked up and there was Esau, coming with his four hundred men; so he divided the children among Leah, Rachel and the two maidservants.

2He put the maidservants and their children in front, Leah and her children next, and Rachel and Joseph in the rear. 3He himself went on ahead and bowed down to the ground seven times as he approached his brother. 4But Esau ran to meet Jacob and embraced him; he threw his arms around his neck and kissed him. And they wept. 5Then Esau looked up and saw the women and children. "Who are these with you?" he asked. Jacob answered, "They are the children God has graciously given your servant." 6Then the maidservants and their children approached and bowed down. 7Next, Leah and her children came and bowed down. Last of all came Joseph and Rachel, and they too bowed down. 8Esau asked, "What do you mean by all these droves I met?" "To find favor in your eyes, my lord," he said. 9But Esau said, "I already have plenty, my brother. Keep what you have for yourself." 10"No, please!" said Jacob. "If I have found favor in your eyes, accept this gift from me. For to see your face is like seeing the face of God, now that you have received me favorably. 11Please accept the present that was brought to you, for God has been gracious to me and I have all I need." And because Jacob insisted, Esau accepted it. 12Then Esau said, "Let us be on our way; I'll accompany you." 13But Jacob said to him, "My lord knows that the children are tender and that I must care for the ewes and cows that are nursing their young. If they are driven hard just one day, all the animals will die. 14So let my lord go on ahead of his servant, while I move along slowly at the pace of the droves before me and that of the children, until I come to my lord in Seir." 15Esau said, "Then let me leave some of my men with you." "But why do that?" Jacob asked. "Just let me find favor in the eyes of my lord." 16So that day Esau started on his way back to Seir. 17Jacob, however, went to Succoth, where he built a place for himself and made shelters for his livestock. That is why the place is called Succoth. 18After Jacob came from Paddan Aram, he arrived safely at the city of Shechem in Canaan and camped within sight of the city. 19For a hundred pieces of silver, he bought from the sons of Hamor, the father of Shechem, the plot of ground where he pitched his tent.

20There he set up an altar and called it El Elohe Israel.

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“Split Ends” is episode #544 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Kathy Buchanan and Marshal Younger, and originally aired on May 8, 2004.


Mandy and Liz are approached by professional agents and find that they will be competing against each other in a modeling contest.


It’s supposed to be an exclusive opportunity, but Liz finds otherwise when she sees the girl competing against her to be in a hair commercial - Mandy Straussberg. The problem is that the two of them are still feuding. After the two former best friends improve their poise and complexion, Liz wins the part. Yet she backs out when she has to be the "ugly hair girl" in the commercial - and, worse, act opposite Jared.

Mandy ends up modeling the hair product. She finds out that Liz suggested her for the part, and the two spend a day together for the first time in a long time. However, it turns out that Liz meanly recommended Mandy for the "ugly hair girl" role, which infuriates Mandy all over again. Only a bold step of humility will cause the two girls to finally make up with each other.

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Discussion Questions

  1. How were the Modeling Agency scouts dishonest with Liz and Mandy?
  2. Was it really “all right again” when Liz and Mandy made up the first time?
  3. Holding a grudge never solves a problem. When you disagree with a friend, how do you react?


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Commercial Narrator John Fornof
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
Genevieve Kat Cressida
Jared DeWhite Brandon Gilberstadt
Kristyn Unknown
Liz Horton Lauren Schaffel
Mandy Straussberg Aria Curzon
Ollie Ari Ross

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Mr. Horton Genevieve
Mrs. Horton Genevieve
Rachel Straussberg Ollie
Seth Young Mandy Straussberg


  • Mandy says she hasn't done any television work before, but she was in at least four B-TV episodes prior to the debut of this episode.



Liz Horton: You think I could be a model?

Mandy Straussberg: What are you doing here?
Jared DeWhite: I've been told I have the perfect forehead.

Ollie: Like, well, we wouldn't say that to your friend here.
Connie Kendall: You wouldn't?
Ollie: Your nostrils are uneven.

Jared DeWhite: Set your hair on fire with this candle while I bug the phone.

Liz Horton: What do you think of this sweater?
Jared DeWhite: Eh. It makes you look fat.
Liz Horton: What?!

Mandy Straussberg: I think I'd rather have a friend than a grudge.