Best Intentions

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#213: “Best Intentions”
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Matthew 25:36

36I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.'

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Best Intentions

“Best Intentions” is episode #213 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on December 5, 1992.


Connie and Eugene try to ensure that Whit gets his rest while recovering from being in the hospital.



Whit is home from the hospital, recuperating from his ordeal with the death program in the Imagination Station. With best intentions at heart, Whit's friends all offer their help — much to Whit's exasperation.

Connie and Eugene spend the day at Whit's house trying to help him with housework but end up pampering him. Connie refuses to even let Whit out of bed and Eugene refuses to let anyone, even Tom, visit Whit. Not to be foiled by that "doberman Meltsner prowling the ground," Tom resorts to climbing a tree to enter through Whit’s bedroom window. Whit is happy to see Tom — until Tom insists on reading to Whit from Pilgrim's Progress, a recitation which Tom barely manages to accomplish due to the old English.

Meanwhile, Sam Johnson discovers that Whit's End is closed. Dissatisfied with the explanation provided by Eugene's automated recording, Sam struggles to understand out why the emporium is really shut down. Harlow Doyle arrives and imposes his investigative analysis and aid to help find the answer. The two make their way to Whit's house, where Harlow hides behind moving cars and smears grease on his face to maintain his "cover" from across the street. Naturally, Harlow is denied entry by Eugene (who speculates Harlow has been "dragged by a car for a quarter of a mile") and seeks another option. As Sam waits under a tree, Harlow climbs into Whit's bedroom with help from three homeless men and accompanies Tom in a joint reading of Pilgrim's Progress for Whit's sake.

Eventually, Harlow and Tom are discovered in Whit's bedroom by Eugene, Connie and the arriving Doc Morton, who has come to check on Whit. Amidst the ensuing ruckus as the room explodes into argument, Whit slips out unnoticed. Outside Whit finds Sam, who is still waiting patiently for Harlow, and the two of them head off to where Whit can finally get the rest he needs: Whit’s End.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why was everyone so intent on helping Whit?
  2. Why is it important to visit the sick and bedridden?
  3. What’s the best way to help someone who’s sick?
    • Explain


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
Eugene Meltsner Will Ryan
Harlow Doyle Will Ryan
Homeless man #1 Unknown
Homeless man #2 Unknown
Homeless man #3 Unknown
John Whittaker Hal Smith
Doc Morton Diane Michelle
Sam Johnson Kyle Ellison
Tom Riley Walker Edmiston

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Emma Douglas Eugene Meltsner
Miss Turner Harlow Doyle




Harlow Doyle: Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?

Tom Riley: "The Pilgrim's Progress in the Similitude of a Dream". "As I walked through the wilderness, uh, of this world, I litted... lighted... on a certain place, wh-where was a den." "Where was a den"? No offense, Whit, but this writer needs to learn something about English.
John Whittaker: Well, I'll be sure to tell him.
Tom Riley: "As I laid me down in that place to sleep, and as I slept I dreamed a dream." What else would you dream? "I dreamed, and behold, I saw a man clothed with rags standing in a certain place, with his face from his house...(What?) With his face from his own house.

Tom Riley: No offense, Whit, but was this thing a big seller?
John Whittaker: Uh huh.
Tom Riley: Well, I can't make heads or tails outta this, but I mean, who's going to believe a character by the name of "Obstinate"?
John Whittaker: It's an allegory, Tom.
Tom Riley: Huh, doesn't surprise me. It's not much of a story!

Harlow Doyle: Miss Turner, please dictate a memo to myself: Remind me to get my jogging shoes out of the closet. Sign it "Harlow Doyle, Private eye." Thank you in advance, Miss Turner. This is Harlow Doyle; over and out!

Eugene Meltsner: Mr. Riley?! I thought I asked you to leave!
Tom Riley: You did, and I didn't. So nah-nana-nah-nah!

Harlow Doyle: What?! That’s preposterous, how can you expect us to do the intelligent thing at a time like this?!

Harlow Doyle: Excuse me but would everybody line up against the wall and identify themselves? I'd like Whit to show us who the kidnapper was.
Doc Morton: What! Who are you?
Harlow Doyle: Me? Harlow Doyle, Private Eye.

Harlow Doyle: A peculiar-looking fellow with shifty eyes.
Sam Johnson: It looked like Eugene from here.
Harlow Doyle: It looked like Eugene up close, too!

Harlow Doyle: Mr. Whittaker isn't sick, but being held captive against his will!
Sam Johnson: By Eugene?
Harlow Doyle: One and the same. I know the type -- meek and passive on the outside. But inside rages the violent fires of a volcano, ready to explode in a colorful cataclysm of -- Uh, what was I talking about?