Something Blue, Part 1

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#533: “Something Blue, Part 1”
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41: In Hot Pursuit
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Luke 14:25-33

25Large crowds were traveling with Jesus, and turning to them he said:

26"If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters--yes, even his own life--he cannot be my disciple. 27And anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple. 28"Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Will he not first sit down and estimate the cost to see if he has enough money to complete it? 29For if he lays the foundation and is not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule him, 30saying, 'This fellow began to build and was not able to finish.' 31"Or suppose a king is about to go to war against another king. Will he not first sit down and consider whether he is able with ten thousand men to oppose the one coming against him with twenty thousand? 32If he is not able, he will send a delegation while the other is still a long way off and will ask for terms of peace.

33In the same way, any of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple.

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Something Blue, Part 1

“Something Blue, Part 1” is episode #533 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Kathy Buchanan, and originally aired on November 15, 2003.


When Connie gets the news that Mitch might leave for Europe in a few days, the two of them decide to get married immediately.


Joanne and Connie meet with Mr. Gossamar at the Smithsonian to determine the value of an antique compass, and are disappointed to learn it's only a replica worth around $100.

Although initially disappointed, Joanne is certain that God will use another means to provide the money needed to rebuild the church in Sri Lanka that burned to the ground. She realizes once again that, for this stage of her life, her ministry is to love and support Jack, not build churches.

After listening to Joanne, Connie thinks her purpose in life must be to help Mitch accomplish his purpose in life.

Janelle Bourland thinks Joanne should get a second opinion about her compass so she contacts an antiques dealer she knows. Much to everyone's surprise, he offers Joanne $12,000.

Just three days before classes are to begin, Mitch learns that he's been accepted into the International Law Enforcement Academy in Budapest for two years of training. He wants Connie to go with him so he asks her to marry him and she accepts. They quickly begin making plans for their wedding which will take place in three days.

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Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
FBI Agent Bob Luttrell
FBI Agent Ian Whitcomb
Mr. Gossamar Ian Whitcomb
Mr. Gossamar's Secretary Kathy Buchanan
Janelle Bourland Mimi Monaco
Joanne Allen Janet Waldo
Michaela Bourland Tierra Abbott
Peter Bourland Keith Silverstein
Philip Bernstein Corey Burton
Mr. Purgastat Corey Burton
Robert Mitchell Steve Burns

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Jack Allen Janelle Bourland


  • The final music cue to this episode includes the tune to "Here Comes the Bride," which is also the first cue to Part 2 of this episode.


Robert Mitchell: We've got a rabbit on the fire escape!

Connie Kendall: Well, I say he's a con artist who was hurt by a compass in his childhood.

Joanne Allen: So how was dinner last night? Did Mitch like the rhyming theme?
Connie Kendall: No, it was awful. I worked all day on the souffle, and then he burned his mouth on the flambe. So I said to drink the Monet display, but he said 'no, way.' <sigh> We never even got to the sorbet.
Joanne Allen: Hmm. Bad day.
Janelle Bourland: Okay!

Robert Mitchell: I think we need to get married.
Connie Kendall: To each other?

Connie Kendall: I could learn Budapest-ese.

Connie Kendall: Two years?!
Robert Mitchell: Did I miss an anniversary?

Connie Kendall: Should we bless it?
Robert Mitchell: Absolutely. Lord, please protect us. Amen.