Train Ride

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#142: “Train Ride”
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Matthew 5:44

44But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

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Train Ride

“Train Ride” is episode #142 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Phil Lollar, and originally aired on January 26, 1991.


When a former nemesis of Eugene's is seemingly killed in a train accident, Eugene is blamed. Whit helps to solve the mystery to clear Eugene.


While Eugene and Whit are taking a train ride back to Odyssey from Chicago, Eugene meets an old enemy named Lawrence Chalmers. For several years, Lawrence has been Eugene's nightmare. Lawrence stole a term paper from Eugene at their previous college. This caused Eugene to get a lower grade and kept him from attending the university of his choice. Not only that, but Lawrence also stole Eugene's former girlfriend, Margaret Hoffmeyer, and ended up marrying her! Seeing Lawrence again makes Eugene so upset, he can't eat that night and retires to his room to sleep.

Meanwhile, as the train rounds a corner, Whit looks at the rear baggage cars and witnesses a struggle between two figures, one of whom falls off the train! Whit rushes back to the baggage car and finds Margaret unconscious. She awakens in near hysteria, crying that her husband, Lawrence, was pushed out of the train. And she claims that Eugene did it! Did Eugene actually murder Lawrence? If he didn't, who did? Is Lawrence Chalmers really dead? It gets intense when a girl called "the porter" reveals herself as Margaret! She says that she pushed Lawrence out, but confusion arises when a "British detective" reveals himself as Lawrence! What is going on? It was all a prank by Eugene and some of his acting friends from college! Jeffery Chism as Lawrence Chalmers and Inspector McGreavy! And Jennifer Marley as Margaret Hoffmeyer and the porter! They pushed a mannequin off the train! It's all peaches and cream until a police officer comes in and states that they found a body on the train track! They are brought to the police station for questioning. That was a prank by Whit and the officer!

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Discussion Questions

  1. How did Whit figure out what really happened on the train?
  2. Do you think God likes jokes? Why or why not?
  3. What kinds of things do you do to break up your daily routine?



VERSION DIFFERENCE: [view] Various lines in this episode (such as the porter saying, “Oh, one more!”) were cut in the broadcast version.

  • Toward the end of this episode, Whit tells Inspector McGreavy, "You showed me your manuscript about the History of Reading Gaol..." This references a line earlier in the episode in which the Inspector says, "What look over the roughs of my book." However, before the two of them could look at the book manuscripts, they saw the "murder" on the back of the train. Whit never looked at the manuscript, and it's highly unlikely he would stop investigating a murder to read a book. This could be explained by assuming Whit saw a glance of the title in passing.



Officer Jim: You're an ornery critter, John Avery Whittaker.