Thy Kingdom Come

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#232: “Thy Kingdom Come”
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17: On Earth as It Is in Heaven
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2 Corinthians 4:18

18So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

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Thy Kingdom Come

“Thy Kingdom Come” is episode #232 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on May 29, 1993.


Whit attempts to explain the kingdom of heaven to Eugene.


Whit is trying to put together a Kids' Radio program on Jesus' parable about the kingdom of heaven. Whit is having a difficult time of it, so he asks Eugene for help. Eugene declines, stating he’s too busy at present. After a brief conversation, Whit deduces that Eugene actually doesn’t want to help out because of his recent negative experience in the Imagination Station (see #211: “The Mortal Coil, Part 1” & #212: “The Mortal Coil, Part 2”).

Whit wants to talk about the experience with Eugene, but that is the last thing Eugene wants to do. He beats a hasty retreat. Connie learns of the situation and tries to broach the subject with Eugene. But this only makes matters worse, so Whit and Connie decide to leave Eugene alone.

Later, Whit sends Connie to pick up a sound effects record at the public library. Once there, she encounters Eugene, with an armload of books about Christianity. Eugene has been doing research on the subject after all. He is confused over several aspects of the Christian faith, especially the meaning of the phrase, “the kingdom of heaven.” Connie sends him back to Whit. Whit uses the Kid’s Radio project to help Eugene understand as well as he, being a non-Christian, can understand.

“I think I want to believe,” Eugene admits, “but I need help with my unbelief.”

Whit smiles and responds, “Eugene, that’s as good a start as any.”

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Discussion Questions

  1. Whit told Connie they needed to be careful about how they proceeded with Eugene. What did Whit mean by that?
  2. Eugene thought he could find the answers he sought in books. Was he right?
    • Why or why not?
    • Which book would you have given Eugene to read?
  3. What does Whit think Jesus meant by the phrase, “the kingdom of heaven”?


Role Voice Actor
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
Eugene Meltsner Will Ryan
Farmer Corey Burton
Field owner Brian Cummings
Field owner's servant Corey Burton
Jesus Christ Brian Cummings
John Whittaker Hal Smith
Librarian Unknown
Merchant Corey Burton
Merchant's customer Brian Cummings
Narrator Brian Cummings
Narrator Corey Burton




Connie Kendall: I still don't get it. If something like that happened to me I'd want to talk about it.
John Whittaker: Well, that's one of the differences between the two of you.
Connie Kendall: Are you saying I talk a lot?

John Whittaker: But you also need to know that all your studying may fail you when it comes to understanding God, His ways and the salvation he offers us.
Eugene Meltsner: Fail me?
John Whittaker: The Apostle Paul wrote in his first letter to Corinth that God has made the wisdom of this world look foolish, for it was after the world in its wisdom had failed to know God that He in His wisdom chose to save all who would believe by the simple-mindedness of the gospel message.
Eugene Meltsner: Well, that certainly would explain some of the things that don't seem to make sense.
John Whittaker: You see, Eugene, our minds can only grasp so much about the nature of God, of eternity.
Eugene Meltsner: Mm-hmm.
John Whittaker: After that, it’s a matter of the spirit—our spirit links up with His in an eternal relationship that gives us the right perspective to understand Him better.

Eugene Meltsner: Mr. Whittaker... I think I want to believe, but I need help with my unbelief.
John Whittaker: Eugene, that’s as good a start as any.

Connie Kendall: Eugene! What if I still wanna talk about it?! Eugene!! Come back here!!!

Eugene Meltsner: Are you accusing me of lying?
Connie Kendall: No! <beat> Yes!

Eugene Meltsner: Connie says I saw a glimpse of hell, and in many ways... I wanna believe her!
John Whittaker: Believe it, Eugene.