The Curse

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#168: “The Curse”
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Ephesians 6:12

12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

1 John 4:4
4You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

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The Curse

“The Curse” is episode #168 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Phil Lollar, and originally aired on September 21, 1991.


Lucy Cunningham-Schultz, Connie, and Eugene think Whit's life is in danger when a medicine man visits town and places a curse on him!



Whit and Eugene have been hard at work preparing for a new addition to Whit's End: a microwave satellite dish that will beam Kids' Radio programs to Connellsville. They both have errands to run, leaving Connie and Lucy Cunningham-Schultz to manage Whit's End. Lucy is looking for an interesting news article to write. She doesn’t have long to wait, for as soon as Whit and Eugene leave, in walks one of the most unusual characters ever to come into Whit’s End. He’s an Indian chief, complete with war paint, a blanket, leather clothing, and moccasins. He asks who the owner of the building is. When Connie tells him, he puts an ancient curse on Whit for defiling the lands of his ancestors!

Connie and Lucy don’t believe any of this will happen. But the Indian tells them that when the signs start coming true, they will believe. The girls want to know what signs the chief is talking about, so he tells them: “Flying horses made of rock. From pit that can swallow man come pit that man can swallow. Water that is not water traveling up. Forest comes to building.” They think the whole thing is bizarre and are about to dismiss it, until the signs start happening! Connie, Lucy, and even Eugene start believing in the Indian’s nonsense. They are especially afraid since the culmination of the curse is Whit’s death!The first sign appears as soon as he Indian leaves, Connie wants to put music on and tells Lucy to put on the Pegasus album, suddenly Lucy is frightened, "What kind of music do they play?" She asks nervously. Connie tells her that they play soft rock. Now Connie is frightened too. The first sign!!!! When Eugene returns, Connie and Lucy tell him what happens. Eugene passes it off as a coincidence, Lucy reminds Eugene that Mr. Whittaker doesn't believe in coincidences. Eugene says that even Mr. Whittaker would agree with him. Just then Eugene chokes on a cherry pit. Lucy gasps, the second sign!!! Then in walks a worker for Aqueous Technology, the third sign!!! Eugene now takes Lucy to the library to do research, while they are gone, Connie sees someone go around the building, and follows him. Connie figures out that his name is Forest, Nathan Forest, the fourth sign!!! When Whit returns, he calms their fears, though. He reveals that the medicine man is really a con man. The “Indian” works at a radio station in Connellsville, he’s merely trying to scare Whit out of putting up the microwave satellite dish.

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Discussion Questions

  1. Why didn’t Whit believe in the curse?
  2. What does the Bible about say about curses?
  3. How can you avoid being taken in by scams like curses?


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Higgam McAlister Eugene Meltsner


  • The radio station manager from Connellsville is named Nathan Forrest; Nathan Bedford Forrest was a lieutenant general in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.
  • This episode is surprisingly similar to the sub-plot of Disney's "Jessie" episode, "Creepy Connie Comes a Callin' " (no pun intended, Miss Kendall) roughly 20 years later.



Connie Kendall: I'm Connie. From the Kendall tribe.

John Whittaker: Eugene Meltsner, are you out of your mind?!

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: It's not like a story is gonna walk in the front door!
Connie Kendall: Don't look now, but I think one just did.

David Timic: <on tape> ...make owner fall through air, and die.
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz: Die? <off tape> Yuck! I hate my voice on tape!

Connie Kendall: If Whit has something to say he'll tell me.
Lucy Cunningham-Shultz: That's very mature, Connie.
Connie Kendall: Haha, yeah. And it's also about to kill me.