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#542: “Eggshells”
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42: No Way Out
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Isaiah 43:4

4Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you, I will give men in exchange for you, and people in exchange for your life.

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“Eggshells” is episode #542 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Marshal Younger, and originally aired on April 24, 2004.


Connie returns to Odyssey after her long trip, and the crew at Whit's End isn't sure how to act around her since she's grieving over the end of her relationship with Mitch.


Connie travel.gif

After much time on a road trip with Joanne, Connie Kendall finally returns home to Odyssey. June picks her up at the airport and assumes that Connie has brought back a lot of emotional baggage from Washington (see #533: “Something Blue, Part 1”).

Whit also treats Connie with "kid gloves." Though she tries to get back into her normal routine at Whit's End, Connie becomes an outsider to Whit and others who think she’s too emotionally unstable.

Jared and Trent DeWhite go even further with the charade. With his "expertise" in counseling, Jared takes every opportunity to give Connie "a little shove down the playground slide of grief." Meanwhile, Trent fears Connie's emotional outpouring being expressed by throwing things; according to him, "That's what all the girls do when they're mad at their boyfriends."

Once she endures sentimental movies with her mom, ink-blot tests from Jared, Trent confusing words such as "Mitch" and "milk" (and becoming a nervous wreck around her), and other ways to deal with repressed feelings, Connie has had enough. She asks her mom and friends to treat her like a real person again. Alone with Whit, Connie shares that God helped her with her loss in Washington...and His love is much greater.

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Discussion Questions

  1. In the beginning, did Whit and the others really show Connie that they cared about her?
  2. How has Connie changed since she left on her road trip?
    • How is she the same?
  3. When you feel bad or have a hard day, do you ask God to help you?


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Bible Verse Mirror Phil Lollar
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
Jared DeWhite Brandon Gilberstadt
John Whittaker Paul Herlinger
June Kendall Maggie Malooly
Lance Unknown
Trent DeWhite Corey Padnos
Vivian Kathy Buchanan

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Robert Mitchell Connie Kendall
George Barclay Connie Kendall
Jimmy Barclay Connie Kendall
Jana Whittaker-Dowd John Whittaker


  • The last line of the chick flick Connie and June watch, "We'll always have Pueblo", is a reference to "We'll always have Paris", an iconic quote from the 1942 film Casablanca.
  • In the intro to this episode, Chris says, “Welcome to Odyssey!” instead of “Welcome to Adventures in Odyssey!
  • The talking Bible Verse Mirror is briefly heard in this episode, voiced again by (archived recordings of) Phil Lollar.


Vivian: When your mother and two sisters died at the hands of a renegade circus clown, I was right there!

Lance: I must be a father to my one and only nephew in Southern Libya. I'm all he has! And besides... we'll always have Pueblo!

Trent DeWhite: I'll get it!
John Whittaker: Uh, Trent, why are you...
Connie Kendall: Trent's answering the phones now?
John Whittaker: Apparently.

Connie Kendall: Whit, do you need a tissue?
John Whittaker: No, uh, more like a bucket.
Connie Kendall: Why?
John Whittaker: That was the most ridiculous movie I've ever seen.
Connie Kendall: What?
June Kendall: It didn't make you want to open your heart and share your soul?
John Whittaker: It made me want to hit my head on something hard and erase all memory of my life for the last two hours.

Trent DeWhite: How long have you been sitting here?
Jared DeWhite: Two sundaes, a milkshake, and a parfait.
Trent DeWhite: You’re kidding!
Jared DeWhite: I wish I was. If she doesn’t do somethin’ soon, I’m gonna have to buy a bigger pair of pants.

Trent DeWhite: Jared, a middle school health class that studies pimples and food groups doesn't make you an expert.