The Trouble with Girls

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#117: “The Trouble with Girls”
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“The Trouble with Girls” is episode #117 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on June 30, 1990.


On Valentine's Day, Jimmy Barclay gets a note in his mailbox addressed to him from Jessie Morales. She thinks he is 'the cutest boy in the whole school' ...unfortunately for her, Jimmy wants to get rid of her.


It's Valentine's Day in Odyssey, and Jimmy Barclay is flustered. There is a note in the mailbox addressed to him. The note is from Jessie Morales, who thinks Jimmy is the cutest boy in school. She wants to go steady with him. Jimmy, however, wants to stay as far from Jessie as possible. Later, in the cafeteria, Jimmy tells his friend Curt Stevens about the problem. Curt thinks Jimmy should tell Jessie to get lost, then throw mud on her. Fortunately, Jimmy knows there are better ways to handle this. He resolves to talk to Jessie, but the bell rings before he can do it.

After school, Jessie sits at the counter in Whit's End, waiting for her true love. Connie walks over, and the two talk about Jimmy. Jessie says she's written Jimmy several notes and poems, but he hasn't responded to her. Connie suggests a trick that once worked for her: ignoring him.

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Curt run into Eugene, who is showing them a new bike lock which emits a signal no human can hear. Jimmy explains his problem to the well-meaning Eugene, who suggests that Jimmy should tell Jessie he's madly in love with her. Eugene says that if Jessie thinks she can have Jimmy's affection, she won't want him.

Both Jimmy and Jessie put their plans into action. Unfortunately, once Jimmy professes his "like" for Jessie, she vows to be his forever and to never leave him - then rushes off to record her feelings in her diary. The following week, Jessie dotes on Jimmy, writing him more notes and poems. She even gives him flowers while he's playing softball.

Finally, Jimmy seeks out Whit. Whit suggests that Jimmy just wait until the crush passes, but Jimmy doesn't want to wait. So Whit says the best thing to do is be direct and honest with Jessie. Tell her the truth. Jimmy screws up his courage and starts to confront Jessie - but before he can say anything, she breaks up with him. Much to Jimmy's relief, Jessie has a new crush: Eugene! Jimmy is amused by Jessie's crush on Eugene but is generally bewildered by the whole experience. Isn't love grand?

Discussion Questions

  • Why is it a bad idea to "play games" with someone's emotions?
  • What's the difference between acting friendly and being a pest?
  • List some ways that you can best deal with people who make you uncomfortable.


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Mrs. Morales Jessie Morales


  • In this episode, Curt Stevens says that "his mom packed his lunch." However, in #150: “Home Is Where the Hurt Is”, Curt says that his mom left them when he was little. However, it is widely known that Curt is not exactly very honest, so it would not be surprising for him to lie about that kind of thing.



Jimmy Barclay: <reading a note he got from Jesse> Nothing compares to a boy named Jimmy. He makes my head spin and my heart feel swimmy, when I see him my face brightens up and turns grinny, 'cause of how I feel about a boy named Jimmy.

Jessie Morales: Boys — they're so weird!

Jimmy Barclay: Life would be a lot easier without girls.

Eugene Meltsner: Have you tried: Telling her to get lost and then throw mud on her?
Curt Stevens: That’s what I told him!
Jimmy Barclay: I don’t think that’s right, though.
Eugene Meltsner: Well, of course it isn’t. But, believe it or not, that’s how the girls used to get rid of me.

Curt Stevens: I thought a gazebo was one of those stripy animals from Africa.

Curt Stevens: Invite me to the wedding!

Jessie Morales: My mom says I have a natural ability for putting together, you know, um...
Connie Kendall: Words?
Jessie Morales: Yeah! Putting words together!

Jessie Morales: <to Jimmy> I'll be yours forever and ever, Jimmy! The two of us, side-by-side! I'll never part from you! See you later!

Curt Stevens: There's a girl who won't leave Jimmy alone.
Eugene Meltsner: Ah, a case of harrassment? I believe such things are against the law. Do you want to have her arrested?
Curt Stevens: Could we?!