First Things First

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#777: “First Things First”
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First Things First

“First Things First” is episode #777 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on September 26, 2015.


In light of a surprise proposal, Penny considers what it means to be married while Wooton deals with a setback in rebuilding his house.


John Whittaker, Wooton, Connie, and Penny discuss Wooton's recent marriage proposal. Penny acknowledges that she isn't sure what it really means to be married and she and Wooton reveal that they both agreed to fully consider the meaning of marriage before they become engaged - if they do at all.

Connie, feeling a bit left out, hopes that Dreams By Constance will get to be a part of their ceremony.

Wooton later visits Penny at the art gallery and mentions that he is having trouble making decisions regarding his recently-destroyed home without knowing Penny's answer - and their future. He asks her to visit the architect with him and leaves her to her work. As he surveys the remains of his house, Mrs. Kramer comforts him as only she can - by warning him not to get his hopes up about rebuilding his home since he can expect difficulty regarding recent zoning laws.

David Parker, Wooton's architect, shows Wooton and Penny some designs for the new home when Penny decides that, as he is married, he is the perfect candidate to tell them what it really means to be married. He speaks with his wife about the prospect and she reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, his investigation into zoning regulations confirms Mrs. Kramer's suspicions - rebuilding Wooton's house the way he wants it in the old location will be impossible.

After eating at Hal's Diner, where they discuss the importance of communicating expectations, Wooton and Penny meet with David Parker. He tells Wooton that zoning laws now require approval before a house as "unique" as Wooton's can be built - complicating the matter is the fact that most of Wooton's neighbors have signed a petition asking that a home like that not be permitted again in their neighborhood. Unsurprisingly, the petition was organized by Mrs. Kramer. Though Wooton visits to ask her to withdraw the petition, she refuses.

A very upset Penny encourages Wooton to stand up for himself - to do something about the house situation - but Wooton remains stoic. When her frustration leads to a stress headache, Wooton visits the Parkers alone. They recall a time in their marriage that Eva wanted David to fight for something she believed was important and remind Wooton how important communicating expectations is. After the marriage discussion, David tells Wooton he's discovered something about his property.

Wooton charges over to Penny and Connie's the next morning to tell her that a mistake in surveys has led to Mrs. Kramer occupying land that actually belongs to Wooton. He threatens to throw Mrs. Kramer off of the property and acts quite adamant about it - to Penny's disappointment. She apologizes for expecting him to behave like a someone he isn't and acknowledges that he should be able to handle the problem in his own way.

Wooton visits Mrs. Kramer again and offers to sell his property at a very low price to anyone in the neighborhood who wants it.

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Mrs. Kramer: You should build somewhere else, in a neighborhood that suits you better. Like- Like a vacant corner of Disneyland... or New Zealand.