Curious, Isn't It?

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#112: “Curious, Isn't It?”
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Curious, Isn't It?

“Curious, Isn't It?” is episode #112 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Phil Lollar, and originally aired on April 28, 1990.


Ben and Esther Langford become convinced that Whit is getting married.



Ben is showing Esther Langford a "shortcut" to Whit's End, which passes by a cemetery. As they pass it, they look over the rows of tombstones and see a familiar face: Whit's. He's talking to a lady that neither Ben nor Esther recognize. Esther is curious and moves closer to hear what they're saying. Whit is asking the lady, Emma Douglas, for an answer. She says, "Yes." Then Whit takes out a ring and gives it to Emma! They both walk off happily.

Esther is stunned. She quickly assumes Whit is getting married. But Ben warns her not to jump to conclusions (humorously mispronounced as "contusions," which means bruises). To get more proof, they follow Whit. They discover that he's bought a huge amount of flowers for Emma, and that he's ordered alterations on his tuxedo. That's enough to convince Ben. But when he later tells Connie, Eugene, and Bernard about it, they say they need more proof.

Later, Whit walks downstairs, dressed to the hilt. Whit says he'll be gone a couple of hours and that he's bringing back someone special for them to meet. After that, there's no doubt left in anyone's mind. Whit leaves, and everyone instantly springs into action. In a whirlwind of activity, they plan and pull together a party for the newlyweds. The whole town turns out for it - and Dale Jacobs even writes a front-page story about it for The Odyssey Times.

When Whit and Emma walk in, everyone yells "Surprise!" George Barclay presents them with their wedding present: a trip to the Bahamas. Whit and Emma are flattered and flabbergasted... but not married. Esther put together a series of circumstances and arrived at the wrong conclusion. The town is humiliated, but Whit graciously allows the party to continue. Esther learns not to let her curiosity take over her common sense - until she spies Eugene talking to a girl...

Discussion Questions

  1. Esther drew the wrong conclusion about Whit. But even if she had been correct, was it wrong for her to spread the news?
  2. What should Connie, Eugene and Bernard have done when they saw Whit in his tuxedo?
  3. How do you decide if something is gossip?
    • How can you avoid making assumptions about other people’s business?


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Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Jenny Whittaker Emma Douglas
Fred Zachary Bernard Walton
Mary Barclay Connie Kendall
Jimmy Barclay Connie Kendall
Donna Barclay Connie Kendall
David Harley Eugene Meltsner
Tom Riley Connie Kendall
Robyn Jacobs Dale Jacobs


  • Officer Harley is slyly inserted in this episode as Eugene invites him Whit's wedding ceremony, producing nearly-hidden yet amusing dialogue.
  • This episode is based on the "Andy Griffith Show" episode "The Rumor" in which Barney sees Andy in a jewelry store with his girlfriend Helen Crump and immediately thinks Andy is getting hitched.
  • This episode has a character named Morty Moscowitz. Hal Smith (Whit) and Will Ryan (Eugene) both appeared in "An American Tail," which featured main characters with the last name Mousekawitz.
  • The opening wrap features Chris opening a package with inflatable raft, is a direct reference to 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' episode "The Curious Thing about Women" in which Rob, Sally, and Buddy write a script in which Alan's curious wife opens a package with an inflatable raft. At the end of the episode, Laura makes the same mistake.
  • When asked how he heard about Whit and Emma Douglas's supposed engagement, George Barclay cites Bernard Walton as the source. While it's true that Bernard contacted some of the families about the event, it was Eugene who was heard earlier contacting the Barclay residence.



Esther Langford: I don't believe this! This is really incredible!
Ben: It sure is! What?

Bernard Walton: Well, paint me red all over and send me to a four-alarm fire sirens blazing! Whit's getting married! Another one joins the ranks.
Eugene Meltsner: Well, actually, Mr. Walton, we're still very unsure of our facts and therefore feel it prudent to forgo any declarative stance until either the existing data can be thoroughly analyzed or we receive further, more conclusive proof in this matter, in my opinion.
Bernard Walton: I bet people have nightmares about you.

Ben: My mother got flowers when she went to the hospital to have my little brother.
Esther Langford: I don't think Mr. Whittaker is gonna have a baby, Ben.

Ben: That still doesn't mean they are getting married.
Esther Langford: What?
Ben: It doesn't. So what if he gave her flowers...
Esther Langford: ...and a ring, and they're making plans. What more proof do you need? Them all dressed up and walking down the aisle?
Ben: That would be nice!
Esther Langford: Ben!
Ben: I just don't think we should jump to any contusions, that's all.

Morty Moscowitz: Eugene! That would be Eugene Meltsner, nice boy, if you like walking computers!

Morty Moscowitz: He wanted some alterations on his monkey suit.
Ben: Monkey suit? Why would Mr. Whittaker want to dress up like a monkey?
Morty Moscowitz: Such a nice boy, not too smart, but nice!

Esther Langford: But a tuxedo is what you wear when you get married, isn't it?
Morty Moscowitz: Some men get married in 'em, some men get buried in 'em, some men get married and buried in 'em sometimes it seems like on the same day!

Connie and Eugene: He's getting what?!?!?!
Esther Langford: Married!
Ben: Yeah! M-A-R-R-E. Married! Soon there is gonna be a new Mrs. Whit's End!