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#973: “Extended Cut”
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October 1, 2023 ↓
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Adventures in Odyssey Club: Season 10
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“Extended Cut,” an Adventures in Odyssey Club exclusive, is episode #973 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Evan David, and was originally released on October 1, 2023.


Fans of a movie about Odyssey descend upon the town for a festival that earns mixed reviews.


Connie and Whit find themselves unexpectedly surrounded by fans as a convention floods into Whit's End, mistaking them for their fictional counterparts from the movie "A Day in the Life." With the arrival of Jay, the convention's organizer, they discover that their town of Odyssey has become a pilgrimage site for fans seeking behind-the-scenes interactions. As the chaos unfolds, Connie grapples with being misrepresented in the movie's extended cut. In a lively Q&A session at the convention, tensions rise when Connie, feeling overshadowed by her character's portrayal, unintentionally lashes out at her the actress who played her, Heather Shapely. As Connie seeks reconciliation, she discovers Heather's hidden depth and accomplishments beyond acting, leading to a heartfelt apology and newfound respect between the two. With misunderstandings cleared, they join forces to engage with fans, bridging the gap between perception and reality while forging a genuine friendship.


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  • This episode is a sequel to the episode A Day in the Life.
  • An Elsewhere in Odyssey comic strip takes place during the middle of this episode, and depicts Whit, Jules, and Connie watching the full length of the movie.
  • A deleted scene from this episode involves a phone conversation between Connie and Eugene. The scene was played on the Official Podcast episode.


Rise of the Super Fans
"What does the world's largest collection of Odyssey merchandise look like? Meet the owner and tour his museum! Also, hear from kids like yourself, see our team at work (sort of), and get to know superfan and "Extended Cut" writer Evan David."


Odyssey Strikes Again! An episode Sequel
"In “A Day in the Life,” Hollywood came to Odyssey to make a movie about the town. Writer Evan David tells why this episode from 1991 gets a sequel in the October Club adventure “Extended Cut.” Plus: Hear a deleted scene with Connie and Eugene on the phone."

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