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#383: “B-TV: Thanks”
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31: Days to Remember
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Ephesians 5:20

20always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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B-TV: Thanks

“B-TV: Thanks” is episode #383 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Phil Lollar, and originally aired on November 22, 1997.


B-TV explores Thanksgiving with stories about 10 lepers, a king named David, and Harlow the stonecutter.



B-TV is broadcasting live from Greenblatt's Thanksgiving Day Parade, where Bernard is asking people what Thanksgiving means to them. Eugene Meltsner, Connie Kendall, and the other B-TV players illustrate the meaning of Thanksgiving with fun facts and sketches and the I'm Glad I'm Me song, including Bible stories about King David and Daniel in the lion's den.

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Discussion Questions

1. There were lots of different parts to this episode (including a story from Luke 17:11-19). Which segment was your favorite? Why?

2. When have you, like Harlow the stonecutter, found yourself wishing you had something more, or were someone else? Why are feelings like that unhealthy?

3. How did it feel to learn that some countries pass laws forbidding people, like Daniel, from thanking God? Are you free to do it where you live? What are some ways you give thanks to God?


Role Voice Actor
President Andrew Johnson Will Ryan
Benjamin Will Ryan
Bernard Walton Dave Madden
Bullwinkle Corey Burton
B-TV Narrator Corey Burton
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
Daniel Bill Farmer
King Darius Phil Lollar
Darius's Official #1 Dave Madden
Darius's Official #2 Will Ryan
Darius's Official #3 Bill Farmer
King David Will Ryan
Dwayne Oswald Kris Kachurak
Eugene Meltsner Will Ryan
Fairy Chris Anthony
Harlow Doyle Will Ryan
Israelite man in the crowd Corey Burton
Jesus Christ Corey Burton
Leper #1 Dave Madden
Leper #2 Will Ryan
Leper #3 Corey Burton
Leper #4 (Samaritan) Unknown
Man in the parade #1 Bill Farmer
Man in the parade #2 Will Ryan
Queen Michal Katie Leigh
Princess Will Ryan
Rich Man Corey Burton
Sarah Prachett Scarlett Pomers
Sarah's Mother Chris Anthony
Story Narrator Chris Anthony
Woman in the parade #1 Chris Anthony
Woman in the parade #2 Chris Anthony


  • Below is the text of the Thanksgiving poem recited in this episode:
Ah, Thanksgiving Day at last,
When we here mortals break our fast,
And all of us both great and least,
Sit down before a bountiful feast,
We lift our prayers to God on high,
Then stuff ourselves with pumpkin pie,
Cranberry sauce and candy jams,
Homemade rolls and turkey gams,
Taters mashed with giblet gravy,
Beans of green and string and navy,
Turkey breast and corn bread dressing,
All get munched after the blessing,
Till it comes out of our ears,
Our nose, our pores and through our tears,
We eat a lot and then some more,
While keeping one foot on the floor,
We eat until we’re all done in,
And then sit down and start again,
Thanksgiving Day, ah what a treat,
To eat and eat and eat and EAT!


Sarah Prachett: Looks like this great day of thanks also contains a case of marital disharmony.

King Darius: Ah, one of my presidents. And two of my princes. What can I do for ya, boys?
President and Princes: Oh, King, live forever!
King Darius: Nice start.

King Darius: Daniel, my brother, you are older than me; Daniel, you're a star in the face of the sky!

Harlow Doyle: Ah me, ah me. I'd live thankfully, if only Harlow a stonecutter again might be!
Fairy: Then wake up, dufus!