Search for a Sunflower

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#913: “Search for a Sunflower”
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April 1, 2021 ↓
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July 30, 2020
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Adventures in Odyssey Club: Season 8
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Search for a Sunflower

“Search for a Sunflower,” an Adventures in Odyssey Club exclusive, is episode #913 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Abigail Geiger, and was originally released on April 1, 2021.


Will it lead to fame or misfortune when someone steals Penny's flower paintings before her big art show?


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Discussion Questions

1. Is there a work of art that means a lot to you? It could be a famous painting, a modern sculpture, an animated character—even a drawing held in place by refrigerator magnets. What makes it so special?

2. What does Exodus 31:1-6 tell you about God's appreciation of artistic beauty . . . and where that talent comes from?

3. How did various people in this episode react to Penny's predicament? Which were sensitive to her feelings? Which were not? How could you tell?

4. What did Connie say or do that proved she was a good friend to Penny? Do you have a loyal friend like that?

5. How was the hunt for the stolen paintings similar to the desperate search Jesus described in Luke 15:8-10? How are those situations different?

6. After watching this month's Club video, talk about its advice for handling criticism. Which of those tips stood out to you? For practical insight from the Bible, check out Proverbs 15:1 and 31-33.

7. What do you think Mrs. Beacham meant by "Famous paintings are expensive because they're beautiful. They're not beautiful because they're expensive"?

8. How did Penny's decision to give Sam her paintings reflect the wisdom of Matthew 7:6?

9. When have you, like Penny, said with confidence, "I'm not turning back. This is the right thing to do." What happened?

10. Is there something you enjoy doing as much as Penny loves painting? How might you bless others by donating your time and talents to share your favorite activity?



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