The Turning Point

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#322: “The Turning Point”
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24: Risks and Rewards
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2 Corinthians 6:14

14Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?

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The Turning Point

“The Turning Point” is episode #322 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Paul McCusker, and originally aired on July 8, 1995.


Eugene and Katrina's relationship takes a surprising turn after Eugene meets Katrina's father, Armitage Shanks.


Eugene has come to work dressed in a nice suit, and for a good reason. Katrina’s father, Armitage, is coming into town to visit Katrina, and to meet Eugene. Eugene is understandably nervous about this meeting. He wants everything to be perfect. Unfortunately, he is working on a display that collapses and showers him with drywall dust, just as Katrina and her father arrive. This marks the beginning of a disastrous lunch. Eugene spills water all over himself and argues about his career goals with Armitage. Then Eugene insists on paying for lunch, not realizing that he has left his wallet behind at Whit’s End.

But Eugene is even more distressed by the real reason Armitage is here. Lately, Katrina has been distracted, not keeping up with her studies at college, and Armitage wants to know if Eugene is the cause. Katrina finally admits that he is. She loves him but faces a dilemma: Eugene is not a Christian. Katrina doesn’t know what to do. Her father suggests that Katrina get some perspective on the situation. Armitage thinks she should leave Odyssey, move back home, and go to school there for a while.

Katrina realizes that her father is right, and she tells Eugene, who is devastated. He reveals his love for her but states his unwillingness to become a Christian. Katrina explains that they have no alternative. She expresses her love for him, then leaves. Is this the end of Katrina and Eugene? Only time will tell...

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Discussion Questions

  1. Why was Eugene so concerned about impressing Katrina’s father?
  2. Why did Katrina realize it was wrong for her to date Eugene?
  3. Both Jack Allen and Katrina told Eugene that he wasn’t making a decision about Jesus because he didn’t have to. What did they mean by that?


Heard in episode

Role Voice Actor
Armitage Shanks Bernard Erhard
Connie Kendall Katie Leigh
Eugene Meltsner Will Ryan
Garcon Unknown
Jack Allen Alan Young
Katrina Shanks Pamela Hayden

Mentioned in episode

Character Mentioned By
Jeff Lewis Connie Kendall
John Whittaker Katrina Shanks


VERSION DIFFERENCE: [view] The broadcast version of this episode omits the scene of Connie and Katrina meeting for a Bible study and discussing Katrina and Eugene's relationship.

  • This episode marks the debut of Armitage Shanks, Katrina's father. The name "Armitage Shanks" comes from a porcelain/plumbing company in England. (In a later episode we learn Katrina's grandmother's name was Porcelain.)
  • When Connie says in this episode that she has been in a similar situation as Katrina, she is obviously referring to her relationship with Jeff Lewis in "#111: “First Love”".


Jack Allen: You met your friend's father and it didn't go very well. It happens. You'll probably never see him again anyways, so just shrug and go on.
Eugene Meltsner: Just shrug and go on! You jest, Mr. Allen! How can I simply circulate my shoulders and return to everyday activities when the father of the woman I—
Jack Allen: Yes, you were about to say?
Eugene Meltsner: I was about to say "the woman I—" ...Mr. Allen.
Jack Allen: You love her.
Eugene Meltsner: Indeed.

Connie Kendall: Pray that God will bring someone into Eugene's life who will have an impact. Who will penetrate his defenses.
Katrina Shanks: Pray for someone else?
Connie Kendall: Yeah. I'm sorry Katrina, but it won't be you. If I wasn't sure before, I'm sure now. In fact, you're probably getting in the way. Maybe we all are.

Jack Allen: I said earlier that something drastic would have to happen to move your relationship with Katrina. I think the same is true for your relationship with Jesus.
Eugene Meltsner: When you say drastic, what specifically do you mean?
Jack Allen: I don't know. I'm just thinking out loud. But it could be anything.

Katrina Shanks: Maybe the problem has been... us. Me... even Whit, Connie, Jack, Whit's End—all of us.
Eugene Meltsner: Well, how so?
Katrina Shanks: We've given you a very safe and reasonable environment, one that doesn't demand anything of you. It's as if you've been inoculated against Christianity, like the flu! You've been given enough of a dose in order to become immune to it. You've had just enough Christianity to become immune to its impact.
Eugene Meltsner: Well, I haven't thought of it that way...but—but I must nervously ask where this conversation is now taking us; you seem to have reached some sort of a conclusion.
Katrina Shanks: Yes, I have. My conclusion is that I need to get out of the way so God can deal with you directly on His own terms. No more comfort, Eugene. No more easy way out. No more hiding behind the faith of the faithful.
Eugene Meltsner: I shudder to think what that means. Are you gonna stop having lunch with me? Are you gonna cease our occasional phone conversations? Are you planning to stay away from Whit's End from now on?
Katrina Shanks: Yes, I am.

Katrina Shanks: Eugene, it's already sorted out. I'm leaving Odyssey.
Eugene Meltsner: What?!
Katrina Shanks: I'm going home to be with my family.

Armitage Shanks: I've been paying you through my tax dollars. I guess it doesn't hurt to pay for your lunch, either.

Armitage Shanks: Katrina! Doing my taxes is complicated. Getting two people who love each other together isn't complicated.