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Will Ryan
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Episode Characters Played 166
Episode Appearances 389
Books Written 2
Video Characters Played 10
Video Appearances 16
Podcast Appearances 14
Documentary Appearances 3


Avery Award Winner!
Will Ryan has won an Avery Award (Fall 2010) for Best Actor!
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Will Ryan has played numerous voice roles in the entertainment business. His credits include the seahorse in The Little Mermaid, Papa Bear in Looney Tunes: Back in Action and Petrie in The Land Before Time. The Emmy Award-winning producer, lyricist and composer also created Eugene Sings! and voiced Tigger and Rabbit on the Disney Channel's long-running Welcome to Pooh Corner series. Of course, we know and love him as Eugene.


Will Ryan first joined Adventures in Odyssey as the voice of Bill Moorhead in #2: “The Life of the Party”, and is now more well known for voicing Eugene Meltsner. Will Ryan has also played numerous non-recurring characters on the show. In one of his first episodes called #5: “Gifts for Madge and Guy”, he played three of the major characters. His primary character, Officer Harley, was removed from the show after a half a year, following complaints from listeners. This left Will Ryan without a main character on the show, although he continued playing several smaller roles on the show for a while.

Steve Harris had this to say about the situation at that time. "My biggest disappointment at the time [of the Officer Harley dispute] was the prospect of losing Will Ryan, the actor who played Officer Harley. He was too talented and too much fun to work with to let slip away. The character of Eugene was created specifically to prevent that from happening."

Since that time, Will Ryan has continued voicing Eugene for almost two decades, although he took a break from playing the character several years ago during the Novacom Saga.

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Will Ryan has acted in 389 episodes with an average rating of 89.8%
Will Ryan has voiced 166 characters
Will Ryan has voiced 10 characters
Will Ryan has written 2 books with an average rating of 90%
Will Ryan has appeared in 3 documentaries


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