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Marshal Younger
Episode Characters Played 16
Episode Appearances 29
Episodes Written 173
Episodes Directed 133
Episodes Produced 195
Books Written 21
Videos Written 1
Podcast Appearances 39

Avery Award Winner!
Marshal Younger has won an Avery Award for Best Script!
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Besides numerous scripts for the Adventures in Odyssey radio drama series, Marshal's work includes the book series Kidsboro, the musical drama Man of God, the Adventures in Odyssey video adaptation The Last Days of Eugene Meltsner, the radio drama Just South of Normal, due to air soon, and numerous other sketches and plays. Marshal attended Baylor University in Waco, Texas and graduate school at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It was at Regent that he wrote a radio drama for a class he was enrolled in. The production was sent to Paul McCusker at Focus on the Family, who asked him to write more. His first full Adventures in Odyssey script was #214: “The Living Nativity”, and after four more were written over the course of the next year and a half, he was asked to come on staff in 1993. He worked at Focus until 1995, when he became a freelance writer. Marshal moved to Nashville, Tennessee in June 2010 with his wife, Stephanie, and three daughters, Bryn, Paityn and Kristyn. Marshal recently returned to Focus as a staff writer once again. The episode #851: “The Sandwich Initiative” was based on an experience between him and his daughter (Official Podcast 316).

Episodes Written (173) · Episodes Directed (133) · Episodes Produced (195) · Acting (29) · Characters (16) · Videos Written (1) · Books (21) · Podcasts (39)

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Marshal Younger has written 173 episodes with an average rating of 90.9%
Marshal Younger has directed 133 episodes with an average rating of 92.1%
Marshal Younger has produced 195 episodes with an average rating of 91.5%
Marshal Younger has written 1 videos with an average rating of 87%


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