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Matthew Parker
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Matthew Parker is the second most recurring kid character with over seventy appearances. He is an inquisitive 11 year old who loves to tinker with things—often to the consternation of everyone around him. He and his best friend, Emily Jones started The Jones and Parker Detective Agency and solved many mysteries together. Eventually, he decided to leave the detective agency to pursue other hobbies. He is in a secret tinkerer's club that meets in Haggler's Junkyard. Matthew was also the third person to try the Inspiration Station, the other two being Whit and Connie. Matthew has a fear of public speaking. He loves food.


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Matthew is the son of David Parker and Eva Parker and the middle of the three Parker children. He has an older sister, Olivia, and a younger sister, Camilla who loves soccer. His grandmother is Lucia Ortega.


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Matthew Parker has appeared in 76 episodes, has been voiced by 4 actors, and has received an average user rating of {{#w4grb_cat_rating:Episodes with Matthew Parker}}%.

All (76)  · Zach Callison (2010-2014)  · Gunnar Sizemore (2014-2015)  · Brandon Gilberstadt (2012)  · Justin Felbinger (2016-2020)

Matthew Parker has been mentioned in 18 episodes.