Forgiving More...or Less

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#695: “Forgiving More...or Less”
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April 4, 2011
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54: Clanging Cymbals...and the Meaning of God's Love
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1 Corinthians 13:5

5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

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Forgiving More...or Less

“Forgiving More...or Less” is episode #695 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by George Halitzka and Paul McCusker, and originally aired on October 29, 2011.


After hearing a story from Red Hollard, Camilla Parker decides to make a forgiveness list.


It all begins when Olivia, Matthew, and Camilla decide to to tape Red Hollard's story for a class project. Camilla decides to interview Red, but gets upset after Olivia tells her to stop after interrupting and asking too many questions. Camilla storms off, and when Olivia tries to continue, the video camera battery dies. Whit takes Matthew to the storage room to find a power cord. Camilla meets them there. Whit leaves Camilla and Matthew to look for it in his office. Camilla finds a soccer ball, and she and Matthew accidentally break one of Whit's things. It appears not to be broken, so Matthew and Camilla leave and go home. Matthew gets the power cord, at home. Camilla tells Eva, she is upset because Olivia kept telling her what to do. Eva then reminds her she was supposed to do the dishes when she got home, and gives her consequences by giving her Double Dishes for the rest of the week. Olivia arrives and says Mr. Hollard had to leave, so they'll interview him another time.

Camilla goes to Whit's End, and Whit rewards Camilla for finding the soccer ball by giving her a free ice cream. Red Hollard tells Camilla the story he is planning to tell Olivia. It is about his friend Barney, who wanted to buy a new tow truck, but he couldn't afford it, so his friend the mayor gives him the money. Later, Barney wrecks the truck, and still can't pay the mayor back. Barney doesn't have the money, so the mayor has Barney work for him. The mayor shows Barney forgiveness and forgives his debt. Red Hollard tells Camilla to think about the story, when Olivia and Matthew arrive to film Red Hollard. Camilla "forgives" Olivia, and decides to make a forgiving list, running off. Red decides to tell Olivia both stories.

At home, Eva reminds Camilla to tell her father to let the dinner thaw. Camilla decides to "forgive" Eva. Eva then reminds her it was a consequence. Camilla objects, but her mother has to leave, so she washes the plates. Matthew walks in and Camilla "forgives" him too, but it doesn't work as well. Her father, David, walks in and Camilla asks if he would be happy if she forgave him. He says he would, so Camilla "forgives" him too. David tells her what he did was for her own good, making Camilla angry. Later, David comes up to her room, finding her tearing up her forgiveness lists. David invites her to hear Red Hollard's rest of the story in the family room. As she listens, she finds that after the mayor forgave Barney. As Barney walked home, he remembered a man that never paid him back. The man asked for time, but Barney became angry, and had the man arrested. He remembered others he loaned things too, that had never been returned, so he had all of them arrested too. Finally the mayor became upset, and arrested Barney for not paying his debt. And that was the last anyone ever heard of Barney.

After the story, David tells her what she thought. Camilla says she's not like Barney, and didn't have to be forgiven. David tells her all this time, she's been trying to forgive people, she didn't think of who needed to forgive her. David tells her about Mr. Whittaker. Matthew and Camilla tell Mr. Whittaker what happened, when they broke his thing. Mr. Whittaker tells them they should of told him, and they both offer to take money out of their allowance to repay him. Camilla and Matthew ask for forgiveness, which Mr. Whittaker gladly gives. Mr. Whittaker informs them he has fixed the machine, relieving Camilla and Matthew. David tells them it is time for dinner, when Camilla remembers she forgot to tell her Dad to let the food thaw! She apologizes, and David agrees to order pizza. Camilla has learned a lesson in forgiveness she will never forget.

Discussion Questions

  1. Camilla said she was sorry for not doing the dishes, so why did Eva still make her do double dishes?
    1. Had Eva forgiven her?
    2. Why didn't Eva accept Camilla's forgiveness?



  • Chris talks with a twang in the wraps of this episode, imitating Red Hollard.


Red Hollard: Now as I was saying, Billy Bob was my cousin and he was a couple hogs short of a pig pen if you know what I mean.
Camilla Parker: No, I don't know what you mean Mr. Hollard. Are you saying Billy Bob worked in the pork industry?

Red Hollard: Barney was thrilled and he went right out and bought that tow truck, and what do you think happened then?
Camilla Parker: He ran out of toes to truck?

Red Hollard: I'm serious as a porcupine in a balloon factory!

Red Hollard: And guess what? The mayor was madder than a beaver chewin' on tin foil.