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Priscilla Peterson
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Priscilla is a very sweet young teenager She has a huge crush on Barrett Jones and is very sensitive about their relationship. She was also very jealous when Barrett was being very friendly to Jay Smouse's cousin, Cindy.


Priscilla Peterson is good friends with Barrett Jones and Olivia Parker. She plays the flute and was the lead actress in the play entitled, "The Minestrone Man" (Stage Fright). She was also in a Rock-a-Thon that helped raise money for a local charity (The Malted Milkball Falcon). She has a crush on Barrett Jones, one of her closest friends. Priscilla and Barrett are pen pals with Cindy, Jay Smouse's cousin. She, like Cindy and Barrett, enjoys colouring. Because Priscilla, Barrett, and Cindy like to color, they write their letters with crayons. Priscilla is allergic to many things, including chocolate. This is revealed in The Malted Milkball Falcon



Priscilla mentioned her mother repeatedly in #701: “Unbecoming Jay”, but any other family she may have has is unknown. Whether or not she is related to Oscar Peterson is unknown.


Jay Smouse: He's about this tall, with a trombone, and has a face like a leprechaun.
Priscilla Peterson: JAY!!
Jay Smouse: Minus the beard.

#723: “Groundhog Jay”

Jay Smouse: I love Water World. It's the only time I take a bath.
Priscilla Peterson: Ew!

#693: “The Amazing Loser”

Cindy: Barrett didn't ask me to say this, but I think he's a really nice guy, and he wouldn't do anything to hurt your feelings
Priscilla Peterson: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.
Jay Smouse: Oh gross! You've got to cut this out!
Barrett Jones: For once I agree with you Jay, we can all stop talking now!

#701: “Unbecoming Jay”

Priscilla Peterson: Your trombone solo was really good today, Barrett.
Barrett Jones: Thanks! Your flute playing was really...uh, flutelike!

#661: “When You're Right, You're Right”

Jay Smouse: Here comes Harry the barbarian! Hide! Quick! The bushes!
Priscilla Peterson: Oh, not again. Ow, ow, ow, ow. How do you get used to this?
Jay Smouse: You build up a tolerance.

#723: “Groundhog Jay”

Olivia Parker: So I get to practice acting. She gets to hang out with someone new for a day. It's a win-win.
Priscilla Peterson: It's a weird-weird.
Olivia Parker: Well, someday when I'm playing a geographist on Broadway, you'll look back on this day and say "Yes, I remember when she practiced this part years and years ago."
Priscilla Peterson: Geologist. It's called a geologist.

#672: “Opposite Day”

Priscilla Peterson: Did you know your nose crinkles up when you get excited?
Barrett Jones: Huh?

#693: “The Amazing Loser”

Mrs. Kramer: A hundred things I hate, by Mrs. Kramer. Mosquitoes. Poems that don't rhyme. Flimsy supermarket lettuce. My far-sighted dentist. My near-sighted hair dresser. Cats. Valentines gifts with no candy. Children laughing.
Priscilla Peterson: There are a hundred of these?
Mrs. Kramer: Vacuuming. The channel five weather man--you know, the one with the big teeth?
Connie Kendall: Yeah, I think it's time to go.
Mrs. Kramer: People who leave in the middle of poetry readings. Love songs. Democracy.

#706: “To Mend or Repair”

Priscilla Peterson: By the way, Matthew and I waited at Whit's End for you. You usually come right after school. Where were you?
Barrett Jones: I've been playing Igloo-Rama on Club Kid-Chat with my new friend from Guam for the past four hours.
Priscilla Peterson: Wow.
Barrett Jones: Can you believe it? I have a friend in Guam. I'm up to 523 friends now.

#672: “Opposite Day”

Priscilla Peterson: Connie, is there a way to tell someone that you don't want him to help the way that he thinks he should help, but that you'd rather that he'd help in a way that really would help?
Connie Kendall: Sure...what?

#706: “To Mend or Repair”

Priscilla Peterson: What would Barrett say?
Jay Smouse: Barrett? I don't know. How about: Duh...

#723: “Groundhog Jay”

Emily Jones: You're kidding me. The whole cast is afraid?
Priscilla Peterson: Uh huh. Someone is supposed to tell Miss Adelaide this afternoon. We voted and decided that Barrett should do it. Since he was the loudest screamer.
Barrett Jones: You voted me to represent you guys? Wow, that's an honor. I'll do it.

#670: “Stage Fright”

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