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David Parker
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David Parker is a very busy man, balancing taking care of the kids, helping Eva with her projects, and watching football (specifically, the NFL). He is also an architect.


David always tries to guide his three diverse children into making the right decisions.


David Parker has had to find balance in raising and encouraging his three diverse children and being a good husband to his Hispanic wife. This includes his first appearance where he has to talk with his son Matthew about tinkering with other people's stuff but then has to turn around and encourage him to continue his hobby even after causing technical problems at Whit's End. He then has to get his family to find things to sell for an upcoming yard sale which proves to be a challenge when his children's definition of clutter and treasured keepsakes varies from child to child. Then he when interest returns to the family he has to remind everyone about what has happened in the family to past pets all of which came to untimely ends. Despite this he shows his wisdom when teaching Camilla the ups and downs of responsibility.

In Grandma's Visit he's shown to have a decent if not good relationship with his mother-in-law Lucia. However she is disappointed at his lack of Spanish speaking ability and lack of fat on his body. During the episode he also shows how far he's willing to go when he takes a whole week off to help prepare his house for his sister-in-law Rosalita's wedding, opening his house to his family through marriage. However, the tension he experiences proves to be too much and he finally takes his family out to a hotel so that they can take a brief break from the chaos of the whole situation. Like the rest of the family he is disappointed when Rosalita elopes with Orlando but celebrates with the rest of the family in a fiesta.

He then has to deal with daughter Olivia's various performing interests and the fact that at times she over commits herself at times. Then in An Agreeable Nanny he gives his children a chance to prove they are responsible enough to handle a pushover babysitter. However, they prove to be anything but ready and he sentences them to a week of restriction. In Grandma's Christmas Visit he shows how sensible he is when proposing alternatives for his family that would like quiet time before being informed the family has no such option. Just the same he shows to be supportive to his loving wife.

David became a Christian around the age of 20 (as revealed in #731: “More Than a Feeling”).

David then finally reveals some of his childhood when having to settle a conflict between children Matthew and Olivia. We then learn he has a passion for football and doesn't like when his football time is cut into. Finally he has to talk to Camilla about forgiveness. He may like the New Orleans Saints, since the team he likes has a WR named Henderson. New Orleans has a WR named Devery Henderson.

David is also an architect.


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David is the father of the Parker family. He has three kids (Olivia, Matthew, and Camilla), and is married to his Spanish wife, Eva. His mother-in-law is Lucia and a sister-in-law named Rosalita. In Same Mold Story, David mentions he has a brother named Dan.

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David Parker has appeared in 27 episodes, has been voiced by 2 actors, and has received an average user rating of 85.5%.

All (27)  · Marc Evan Jackson (2010-2017)  · Eddie Frierson (2018-2020)

David Parker has been mentioned in 25 episodes.

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