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Dorothy Jones
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She's very kind and loving, especially to her daughter, her son, and her beloved husband. In #699: “Emily the Genius”, she was very emotional finding out her daughter was a genius.


In #658: “Game for a Mystery” Dorothy tells Simon Jones that the neighbor's dog got into the trash and that she just finished cleaning it up. Shortly after this she leaves to run errands. During her absence Emily Jones finishes the chore that Dorothy assigned her to which was cleaning out the flower bed. She returns home running over Barrett Jones's vermanoids game by accident. Later she reminds Emily that even Barrett is lamenting over his broken game and Emily's appreciation of nature may not be helping as she was talking about the crow that destroyed his game.

During her next appearance in #699: “Emily the Genius”, she and Simon call a family meeting to talk about the letter stating Emily's high scores during the standardized testing. In the process she gets emotional several times because of her motherly pride. Emily later states that Dorothy told several people she interacted with about Emily's high scores. Later after she and Simon realize Emily is working hard because of their reaction to her scores she and Simon later apologize to her for making the test results a big deal. Later on when Emily cannot be found she and the rest of the family become worried until Matthew Parker arrives at their house to tell all of the Jones where Emily is and what really happened with her test scores.


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Dorothy is the mother of Barrett and Emily, and the wife of Simon Jones.


See Jones quotes.

Barrett Jones: Emily?? A... a genius?
Emily Jones: Do you mean literally, or figuratively?
Dorothy Jones: Uh-Huh! Literally!

#699: “Emily the Genius”


Dorothy Jones is voiced by April Stewart, has appeared in 2 episodes.

Dorothy Jones has been mentioned in 10 episodes.