Unbecoming Jay

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#701: “Unbecoming Jay”
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January 10, 2011
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54: Clanging Cymbals...and the Meaning of God's Love
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1 Corinthians 13:5

5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

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“Unbecoming Is as Jay Does”
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Unbecoming Jay

“Unbecoming Jay” is episode #701 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written and directed by Bob Hoose, and originally aired on December 10, 2011.

Avery Award Winner!
This episode won an Avery Award for Best Episode in the Fall 2011 Season!
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Jay schemes a way to ditch his cousin Cindy by leaving her with Barrett, but Priscilla grows jealous of the new friendship.


Barrett and Priscilla arrive at Whit’s End only to be confronted by Jay who wants Barrett to chaperone his cousin, Cindy, around Odyssey. At first, Barrett does not want to show Cindy around until Priscilla encourages him to go ahead and be friendly to Cindy. As Barrett and Cindy are greeting each other, Jay uses the opportunity to run away, leaving Barrett alone with Cindy.

Barrett actually ends up enjoying his time with Cindy and the two quickly become friends through common interests. When Barrett and Jay run into each other, Jay is surprised to see that Cindy and Barrett are actually having a good time. Jay thinks that Barrett is just trying to be nice to Cindy to make himself look better than Jay. Therefore, Jay begins to plot a way of getting back at Barrett while Barrett is spending the remainder of the day with Cindy.

Later, Jay goes to Priscilla and tries to convince her that Barrett is starting to like Cindy a lot more than Priscilla. He tries to persuade Priscilla to go see them so that she'd be jealous, but Priscilla said she has other things to do. Jay then learns that Barrett is going to meet up with Priscilla at nine.

Jay suggests that Cindy should take muffins over to Barrett’s at nine the next morning to thank him for showing her around. Jay has successfully placed Barrett in a trap that makes him look bad in front of both Cindy and Priscilla.

The next morning at nine, Cindy and Priscilla arrive at Barrett’s at almost the same time. Priscilla, seeing Cindy there with the muffins, runs off hurt, thinking that Barrett likes Cindy better than her. After Priscilla leaves, Jay tries to pay back an old debt he owes Barrett but Cindy sees him and thinks that Jay paid Barrett to spend time with her. Cindy runs off leaving Barrett rejected by both girls.

After talking with Whit about what he should do, Barrett goes to talk with Cindy before she leaves back for her mom's house. While Barrett is trying to make up to Cindy, Jay calls Priscilla putting Barrett in yet another awkward position. At that point, Barrett realizes that it was Jay who was "crossing the wires" between Cindy, Priscilla, and him. Barrett is then able to explain everything to Cindy and Priscilla so that they are no longer upset with him. They then realize that Jay, who was hidden in the bushes listening to their awkward discussion, had plotted to make Barrett look bad.

No longer upset with each other, Barrett, Priscilla, and Cindy decide to become pen pals because of their common interests.

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you think that Jay did the right thing by asking Barrett to meet Cindy?
  2. If you were in Priscilla's shoes, how would you feel?
  3. Was Barrett right in showing Cindy around?


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Silvia Smouse Jay Smouse
Nick Smouse Cindy


  • The title of this episode is a reference to the 2007 movie Becoming Jane.
  • Jay's diatribe on how Barrett is trying to not let Jay know that he knows that Jay knows that he "got him" is similar to Rodney's argument that Mitch knew that Rodney didn't know that he knew that he didn't break the window in #467: “Broken Window”.
  • Cindy mentions her admiration of singer Buddy Smally; this is likely a reference to Buddy Holly.
  • Cindy references Jay's collection of Elvis jumpsuits.


Jay Smouse: Wait a minute. This is one of those reverse what-do-you-call-its - isn't it!?
Barrett Jones: What?
Jay Smouse: Like the spies use. Where you try to make me think I didn't get you, when you know I got you, so that you can get me, while I'm worried I might not have gotten you!
Barrett Jones: Look. There's Cindy. See you. Hey! Cindy!
Jay Smouse: Well, one thing's for sure. I don't get it.

Cindy: Barrett didn't ask me to say this, but I think he's a really nice guy, and he wouldn't do anything to hurt your feelings
Priscilla Peterson: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.
Jay Smouse: Oh gross! You've got to cut this out!
Barrett Jones: For once I agree with you Jay, we can all stop talking now!

Barrett Jones: I've never known anyone like you. You're lips aren't saying anything and you're eyes are saying read my lips!

Barrett Jones: He said he was going to use your pay phone to make a call.
John Whittaker: Uh...I don't have a pay phone.
Barrett Jones: Oh- thanks, anyway.

Jay Smouse: <baby talk> Little Barrett has a passion for baby books!