An Agreeable Nanny

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#676: “An Agreeable Nanny”
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December 9, 2009
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52: Cause and Effect
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Luke 16:10

10"Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.

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An Agreeable Nanny

“An Agreeable Nanny” is episode #676 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Bob Hoose and Paul McCusker, and originally aired on December 4, 2010.


The Parker family kids are convinced that they are too grown-up for a babysitter. A parents’ night out, a nanny named Maria, and the neighbor’s dog Bruno may be their opportunity to prove themselves.


Olivia, Matthew and Camilla Parker are convinced that they are too grown-up for a babysitter. Undeterred, their parents ask college student Charlotte Maria to babysit while they have a night out at the movies. Eva Parker and David leave their children with a few instructions - to help Maria make dinner and wash some dishes. Olivia convinces Maria that a fried banana dessert dish is a regular dinner meal (which Olivia and Camilla manage to make a complete mess of), Matthew tries to wash the dishes with a high-pressure hose, and Camilla watches a scary movie her parents would not approve of. The neighbors' dog, Bruno enters the picture and bedlam ensues. When their parents return home, they reveal that Maria had been instructed to give the kids more freedom than a babysitter would normally allow to see if the kids are really trustworthy. The kids are grounded, and they all learn an important lesson about responsibility.

Discussion Questions

1. What did the Parker kids do that proved they still were not responsible enough to be left alone?

2. Can you name three things that Maria did or said that showed she was being responsible?

3. Read Luke 16:10. When did a grownup give you a chance to show that you could handle more responsibility? Was it because you had proven yourself with something smaller?



  • Maria references the movie Mary Poppins by saying she only likes a "spoonful" of sugar and using the expression "spit-spot".



Olivia Parker: Black pudding?!
Charlotte Maria: Oh, yes, it's a delicious blood sausage!
Matthew Parker: I didn't know English people were cannibals! No wonder George Washington threw you out of the country!

Matthew Parker: Why does the word "nanny" make me feel even more like a baby?

Camilla Parker: You broke the smoke alarm!
Matthew Parker: Well, that was one way to stop it!

David Parker: Now sit down. It's time for a family meeting.
Matthew Parker: In front of a stranger?
Eva Parker: Maria's a unofficial member of the family now.
David Parker: Baptized by fire, so to speak.

Olivia Parker: I take full responsibility for everything that's happened.
Matthew Parker: Thanks, Olivia. She's right Dad, it's all her fault.
Camilla Parker: Works for me!

Chris Anthony: …and Kari Wahlgren as Maria. …Or was that ‘Charlotte’?