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#658: “Game for a Mystery”
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May 14, 2009
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Proverbs 15:19

19The way of the sluggard is blocked with thorns, but the path of the upright is a highway.

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Game for a Mystery

“Game for a Mystery” is episode #658 of the Adventures in Odyssey audio series. It was written by Kirby Atkins, and originally aired on March 27, 2010.


Simon Jones just wants the hedge trimmed, but his son Barrett can’t tear himself away from his portable video game — until it disappears without a trace!


The story starts off with a narration from Emily Jones, before cutting to Barrett playing Verminoids. Simon tells him that he's going to mow the lawn and that Barrett needs to stop playing and go trim the hedges. He giving Barrett half of a chocolate power bar. Also, Dorothy tells Simon that the neighbor's dog got into the trash again.

Barrett begrudgingly goes to trim the hedges, takes one look at them, and goes behind the oak tree to play Verminoids. While sitting there, he gets bitten by ants. While he scratches the bites he then hears Matthew and Emily coming and hides the game. Emily invites him to go look at a raccon's nest she and Matthew found. Barrett goes and quickly becomes bored and returns to play Verminoids.

When Emily and Matthew go back they find Barrett missing his game. Emily sees sneaker prints with a star logo on them near the area and Barrett remembers that Nelson has a pair like those. Enraged, he goes with Matthew to find him. Barrett ends up realizing that Nelson doesn't have his game and ends up embarassing himself.

When Barrett returns, Emily notices that the anthill was destroyed by the lawnmover leading Barrett to believe that it ate the game. After checking the lawnmower, Emily finds a yogurt cup with teeth marks in them. The teeth marks resemble that of a raccoon's, so Emily deduces that the raccoon was the one messing with the trash. The group runs back to the tree where they see a bird's nest. Emily realizes that the bird must have taken the game because Barrett's chocolatey fingerprints were on it. The bird then tries to crack it with it's beak, thinking it's a nut. After failing, it flies high above the road and drops it into the street where it is then run over by Dorothy's car. Simon berates Barrett for shirking his responsiblities and tells him that he's not getting another game. He then tells Barrett to trim the hedge and congratulates Emily and Matthew on successfully solving the mystery.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why wasn’t Simon Jones happy with Barrett?
  2. What things can distract you from your chores and responsibilities at home?
  3. Was it right for Emily to distract Barrett from trimming the hedge?
  4. What are the consequences to putting off important tasks?


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Mr. Swanson Barrett Jones


  • Matthew Parker says that “detective” is the middle word in "Jones and Parker Detective Agency". However, “Parker” is the middle word.



Barrett Jones: Ah! Oh! That's it! Almost there! Ah, I got it! I got it! No, wait, I didn't get it. I did get it! I got it!! I beat the level!! Whooohooo!!!

Simon Jones: Do you hear that?
Barrett Jones: What?
Simon Jones: I can hear the hedge calling your name. It's saying, "Come bring that great electric hedge trimmer to bane all that is untrimmed and untidy!"
Barrett Jones: That's not funny, dad.
Simon Jones: Wait a minute. And I give you this, Hedge Bane the Horrible, half of my energy bar. It will aid you in mustering all of your strength!

Barrett Jones: I'm busy.
Emily Jones: With what? Scratching ant bites and playing Verminoids?
Barrett Jones: I'm not playing Verminoids! Who said I was playing Verminoids?
Emily Jones: Well, I couldn't help but notice the concave indentations in your thumbs. About the size of the buttons on your game I would think.

Barrett Jones: Well, I hope this is good. Like a crashed space ship or a nest of radioactive snakes!
Matthew Parker: I think Verminoids is warping your brain.

Matthew Parker: The subconscious mind has a tendency to manipulate even casual conversation.

Barrett Jones: Thank you for the nature walk Mr. and Mrs. Sherlock Einstein.

Matthew Parker: I'm sorry Em, but I think the cheese has finally slipped off your brother's cracker.

Emily Jones: What's wrong Barrett?
Barrett Jones: Nothing, nada, not a thing.
Matthew Parker: You lost your Verminoids game.
Barrett Jones: What? How do you know that? I mean- IF I had been playing it in the first place, which I wasn't.
Matthew Parker: I noticed that your thumbs were repuffed.
Emily Jones: Nicely observed.

Barrett Jones: Oh boy. Here we go again! Man this is so textbook. Denial, denial, denial! Shame is a prison, Nelson, and you are it's inmate!

Barrett Jones: a lawnmower!
Emily Jones: More Than Likely...
Barrett Jones: But that means... DAAAAAAAD!

Barrett Jones: Yep, they're a regular Mr. and Mrs. Sherlock Einstein.
Simon Jones: Hedge!
Barrett Jones: Gone.