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Red Hollard
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Red Hollard is a goofy handyman who drives a tow truck and is fond of giving kids (and adults) down-to-earth advice - often with expressions that don't make much sense but do make people laugh. He loves history, and is very fond of telling stories. It's mentioned in #708: “Sergeant York, Part 1” that he hails from Tennessee. He's a character replacement for Bernard Walton. In addition to his handyman work he also is a registered locksmith, is certified to check fire extinguishers and has his own machine sale and repair store in Connesville.


Red first appeared giving David Parker a tire patch kit and helping him with the family yard sale, for which David gave him a wood sander. He then appeared talking with Olivia Parker about the Jubilee Singers in the Gallery while he was working on repairs caused by one of many of Eugene Meltsner's experiments. In Wooton's Broken Pencil Show he appeared as a locksmith who broke one of Connie Kendall's windows to get her purse. Then he appeared along with Whit to give Camilla Parker a lesson in forgiveness while at the same time helping Olivia with a school project. His latest appearance was along Eugene talking about World War I hero Alvin York.


He has a pet parrot


Red doesn't seem to be married or have children but he has several relatives that he's mentioned in the past. He is related to both the McNutts and Dagmars in #801: “The Feud of Mason County”. He also mentions in #708: “Sergeant York, Part 1” that the Hollards are originally from Tennessee.

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Red Hollard: Now there's a find! A wood sander? Still in the box? You put that up for sale I'd jump on that like a duck on a June bug.

#657: “Clutter”

Connie Kendall: I'm here with Red Hollard, who is a registered locksmith...
Red Hollard: ...So I'm going to break into your car to get your keys, so you can turn that alarm off.
Connie Kendall: Sounds great! And how are you going to do break into the car. I assume you have one of those long car breaker-into things like they use on TV where you slide it down along the window and pull up on the lock mechanism?
Red Hollard: Uh, no. I wish I had one of those car breaker-into things.
Connie Kendall: Oh, then what are you going to use?
Red Hollard: This brick!!

#669: “Wooton's Broken Pencil Show”

Red Hollard: Olivia, I bet you're the kind of person that reads the last page of a book first. Ain't ya?
Olivia Parker: No. Well maybe sometimes.
Red Hollard: Yeah, thought so.

#665: “The Jubilee Singers, Part 2”

Red Hollard: Now as I was saying, Billy Bob was my cousin and he was a couple hogs short of a pig pen if you know what I mean.
Camilla Parker: No, I don't know what you mean Mr. Hollard. Are you saying Billy Bob worked in the pork industry?

#695: “Forgiving More...or Less”

Red Hollard: Sorry, did you say Alvin York?
Eugene Meltsner: Yes!
Red Hollard: Seriously?
Eugene Meltsner: Yes!
Red Hollard: He is one of my personal heroes.
Eugene Meltsner: And no doubt, we should discuss that some other time.

#708: “Sergeant York, Part 1”

David Parker: But first, I'm gonna get through this junk if it kills me.
Red Hollard: Uh, Mr. Parker!?
David Parker: Please, call me David.
Red Hollard: David! Look out! <loud crashing sound>

#657: “Clutter”

Red Hollard: Barney was thrilled and he went right out and bought that tow truck, and what do you think happened then?
Camilla Parker: He ran out of toes to truck?

#695: “Forgiving More...or Less”

Red Hollard: Boy, I'll tell you them boys were as nervous as a goose in a pillow factory.
Eugene Meltsner: Huh?

#710: “Sergeant York, Part 3”

Red Hollard: He was as ornery as a wet boot on a swollen foot.
Eugene Meltsner: Huh?

#708: “Sergeant York, Part 1”

Red Hollard: I'm serious as a porcupine in a balloon factory!

#695: “Forgiving More...or Less”

Red Hollard: And guess what? The mayor was madder than a beaver chewin' on tin foil.

#695: “Forgiving More...or Less”

Red Hollard: It's a John Steere BX5000 with turbo! This thing could haul a wagon of walruses uphill and never slow down.
David Parker: Which I often need.

#810: “The Grass is Always Greener”

David Parker: You’re real big on catch phrases centered around barnyard animals, aren't you?
Red Hollard: They make me smile like a fat tick on a skinny dog!

#657: “Clutter”


Red Hollard is voiced by Steve Eastin, has appeared in 17 episodes.

Red Hollard has been mentioned in 3 episodes.

Red Hollard has appeared in 2 comic story arc(s).

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