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Dion Farkus
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Dion Farkus was a bully from Vance's gang who was in charge of making Buck Oliver's life miserable. Even after Vance was arrested, he tried to continue Vance's gang and attempted to convince Gavin Thomas to join. He was likely blackmailed into taking the fall for burglarizing and opening all of the lockers at Odyssey Middle School. Later, he had a change of heart (literally and figuratively) after a heart transplant.



Dion Farkus: What is your malfunction?

#797: “A Predicament of Biblical Proportions”

Dion Farkus: We don't call ourselves a gang anymore. It's bad PR.
Buck Oliver: What are you called now?
Dion Farkus: We decided on Team Vance. Yeah we saw one of those afternoon talk shows. The team is a more positive word. The police will think we're helping old people across the street or getting kittens out of trees. That kind of thing.

#778: “Playing the Predictable”

Gavin Thomas: I'm Gavin Thomas. And I don't have my Bible with me. I left it in my locker, 'cause I was afraid of what other people would say.
Dion Farkus: Gavin! You need to sit down, dude.
Gavin Thomas: No, Dion. I need to stand up.

#797: “A Predicament of Biblical Proportions”

Dion Farkus: Okay, Buck. It's "bait or cut fish" time! So what do you have for us?

#781: “Out of the Woods”

Buck Oliver: Hey Dion, where's your crew? I thought this is where you make my life miserable.
Dion Farkus: Oh yeah. You see you've heard of the field of dreams. This is the field of screams. But yeah it's just me again.

#778: “Playing the Predictable”

Dion Farkus: Gavin, what came over you?
Gavin Thomas: You wanted me to join a team, Dion? Well, I guess I just did.

#797: “A Predicament of Biblical Proportions”


Dion Farkus is voiced by Alex Polinsky, has appeared in 6 episodes.

Dion Farkus has been mentioned in 5 episodes.