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Zoe Grant
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Zoe Grant is a writer for the Odyssey Owl and is good friends with Olivia Parker. She is an energetic and spirited girl. Jay Smouse has a crush on her. She is fun and loves Jesus, and helped to lead Olivia Parker back to Christ when her faith fell short in the Olivia Arc.


Not much is known about her family, besides that she has a mother and a father. It is told we will have more information regarding her family soon.




Jay Smouse: Truth be told, I'd believe you if you said Mars was made out of Marshmallow cream.
Zoe Grant: It's not.
Jay Smouse: I believe you.

#775: “Take It on Trust”

Zoe Grant: We have a great show planned for you today. Our special guest is Jay Smouse, also known as-
Jay Smouse: Childhood star, beloved actor, local celebrity, dreamboat extraordinaire, take your pick.
Zoe Grant: One of the biggest mouths in town!
Jay Smouse: That wasn't one of your options!

#850: “The Shame About Fame”

Zoe Grant: I remember once in Connie’s Bible study, she talked about the Holy Spirit. She said that the Holy Spirit convicts us when we do wrong; makes us feel bad when we sin.
Wilson Knox: That’s true.
Zoe Grant: So if we sin and don’t feel bad about it, it’s a sign you’re not letting the Holy Spirit work in you.

#925: “Triple-Decker Sundae”


Zoe Grant is voiced by Natalie Lander, has appeared in 34 episodes.

Zoe Grant has been mentioned in 5 episodes.

Zoe Grant has appeared in 2 comic story arc(s).

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